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A Money-Back Guarantee on Mold Remediation 

There’s no better time to discuss mold remediation, now that Hurricane Ian has left so many homes in Southwest Florida waterlogged and in need of a mold inspection. But before reaching for the phone, it might be good to learn what Julie Hurst, president of American Mold Experts (AME), offers. “We give a 30-page mold assessment report with our inspections, in addition to a money-back guarantee and warranty on all our work that eliminates the microscopic invaders which set up residence in your home. We do mold cleaning with our own organic, non-destructive mold remediation product that is a 100 percent green and organic product that’s safe for your home, your kids and your pets. The product is exclusively ours, and we retail it online ( to the public, in addition to using it in our business,” she says. Hurst’s company has been Central Indiana’s go-to experts for commercial and residential mold removal services for the past 15 years, and is now available in Southwest Florida.

Mold Cleaning

For 30 years, the industry has had pretty much the same standards and protocols for treating mold. But what the experts won’t say is that there are inherent problems within those traditional methods. “In 2008, we took a really hard look at those problems and created a much more thorough process,” says Hurst. “I call it mold cleaning on steroids. Our process is much more labor-intensive and much more expanded on the surfaces in the areas that we clean and touch. It’s simply a more thorough cleaning of those surfaces, rather than just spraying a solution on them. This unique process and the thoroughness of that process allows us to give a 100 percent money back guarantee and warranty on our work.”

Visual Inspection

A mere visual inspection will not suffice when it comes to mold. AME bases their determination on a variety of factors, including a full examination of the property—exterior and interior, including all rooms, focusing on horizontal surfaces, inside of cabinets, low air movement locations, humidity, moisture readings, HVAC inspection and use of a particulate meter.

When mold is involved, having a trusted mold removal specialist means everything. “Your health is just too important to trust just any mold remediation service company.” says Hurst. “You can expect compassionate care and professionalism from our team, along with a highly detailed mold assessment report, independent third-party testing and thorough action plans. What 

Mold Remediation

If a home or business is contaminated, occupants should get a mold remediation immediately. Even a small amount can be dangerous. A specific danger level has not been set by governments because its effects on most people can vary. One person may have minor affects, while another person in the same property may have major reactions.


Mycotoxins are poisonous chemical compounds that fungi (mold) produce as a byproduct. Their molecules are lightweight, easily float throughout a structure and are freely breathed in and absorbed through skin of occupants. Mycotoxins are capable of causing multiple negative health symptoms, including illness, disease and even death in humans and other animals. They are often associated with serious health problems centered around neurological damage and can be measured through a urine test offered by Real Time Labs. American Mold Expert’s also does environmental mycotoxin testing with Real Time Labs.

Molds produce many different mycotoxins. The main types include aflatoxins, ochratoxin, gilotoxin and trichothecene, which are not destroyed by traditional mold removal techniques. “Mycotoxins can remain in a home even after professional mold removal and mold clearance pass therefore we suggest environmental mycotoxin testing to our mold remediation clients.” says Hurst.

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