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Hall Provides Trans-Dermal Skin Patches

Lisa Hall, of Trinity Personal Fitness (TPF), based in Cape Coral, can provide counseling and guidance on using the Lifewave trans-dermal skin patch to support health needs including on body placement options. As a Lifewave distributor of such phototherapy products throughout our area, she is offering each sleeve of 30 patches for $5 off the regular price along with three sleeves for $200 throughout this month.

“The opportunity to support your body’s immune system has been paramount the past two years, and myself, family, friends and TPF family have been using the glutathione (master antioxidant) daily to prevent illness with success,” she says. “Others, myself included, utilize Energy Enhancers on the long days and for an extra boost for sports and fitness. Insomniacs find relief with Silent Nights. There are more, but the ‘star’ patch is the X39 which increases a copper peptide known to increase stem cells for a multitude of support.”

Cost: Most patches average $3/day (X39 is $5/day). For more information or to order products, call Hall at 732-766-2002 or email [email protected]. See ad. page 53.