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Hair Talk with a Professional

by Linda Sechrist

The changing of seasons in Southwest Florida isn’t just revealed in the color of leaves on the trees or the type of flowers that are in bloom. One piece of visible evidence often shows up in a hairstylist’s chair—the woman that wants to upgrade her mane or energize her look with a fresh new haircut, color or both. Women determined to do this as fall approaches should keep in mind one of Coco Chanel’s favorite quotes, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”

Hairstylist Erick Carter, at Salon Zenergy, helps women to decide on such significant changes. He listens to his clients first and then offers advice. “The majority of first-time clients are surprised to find that there are several things to consider before cutting,” he relates. “Few women are aware that the shape of the face, hair texture, facial features, skull shape and density of hair are also factors to consider when deciding which hairstyle best suits them.”

Face Shapes

The four basic face shapes are round, square, heart and oval. Prior to determining the most flattering hairstyle, Carter begins with the face shape. “It’s something women can determine at home if they want to begin looking through magazines in order to find pictures of hairstyles to bring with them to their appointment,” he advises.

To determine the face shape, take a selfie with the hair tied back. Next, trace around the outside of the face and see which shape it most closely resembles. The shape and proportions can also be determined by measuring the face, focusing on the width of the brow, cheekbones and jawline, and the length from forehead to chin.


There are three main types of texture: straight, wavy or curly, and kinky. “For a heart-shaped face, I might suggest a nice pixie cut if a woman’s hair is straight and not extremely thin. Straight, thin hair in a pixie makes hair appear even thinner,” says Carter.

Skull Shape

Hair can be cut with the shape of the skull to accent areas. “For example, I use the bone structure to create a fuller look. Hair can also be cut on the bias to help create layers and movement,” explains Carter.


Our facial features change with maturity, weight gain or loss, which often changes the shape of the face. If there is fleshiness to the face, round layers will accent the fleshiness. At times, stronger and even square layers can help minimize fleshiness. The opposite is true for individuals with strong, hard lines.

“Our prominent features can be accented or minimized to get the look we want. Other features to consider are cowlicks, which are not always a bad thing. Working with the cowlick can put a unique signature on the cut if you want it ‘signed’”, quips Carter.

Salon Zenergy is located at 2950 Tamiami Tr. N., in Naples. For appointments call 239-777-2380 or visit

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