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Nature Calling

Mar 29, 2022 06:16PM ● By Sharon Bruckman

As we were preparing this month’s Sustainable Living edition, I mentioned to editor Linda Sechrist, “This is going to be a very Earthy issue!” To which she replied, “This whole planet—and definitely Collier and Lee counties—need all the Earthiness Natural Awakenings can shed.”  

Linda should know, as a passionate, active participant in several local environmental organizations. Whether it’s serving as president of the SWFL RESET Center board of directors or sharing leadership with Georgie Goldstein, a young woman who helps to organize monthly RESET gatherings that stimulate conversation and public education, Linda avidly works to promote regenerative agriculture and protect what remains of our precious environment and clean water. 

When Linda called me to say how excited she was to score a rare interview with Miccosukee Tribe Everglades educator and clean water advocate Betty Osceola, I was as excited about it as I was to attend a water blessing ceremony on the beach led by Betty last October. The night was magical and powerful, sitting in circle with fellow Earth warriors, sharing our offerings and intentions for the water, while being led by someone so grounded and rooted in her Earth medicine. 

I like to visualize Betty as a youth traveling by boat with her tribe through the Everglades—the water still pristine and the birds and wildlife still plentiful. It’s a stark contrast to the Everglades boat tours she leads today, pointing out all the environmental destruction we must address. Betty reminds us in this month’s interview, “We need to step back and give nature a chance to heal itself.” Read more on page 22. 

I’ve been blessed to have Linda’s passion and editorial skills for the past 20 years, as we’ve witnessed and reported the changes in our community, environment and natural health field. When I recently asked her what motivates her to overload her busy schedule with local environmental issues, she responded, “As I have been faithful to my dream of working through Natural Awakenings to educate readers about alternative ways to optimize their health beyond the doctor’s office, I’m now dedicated to educating people on what and why we all need to help restore the health of our planet. I don’t have grandchildren, but that doesn’t change my desire to leave the world a better place for future generations.”

Linda and I agree that there are plenty of resources and inspiration throughout this month’s edition to steer you toward making contributions to help our dear Mother Earth. Grab your friends and family and have some fun at the special Earth Day events listed on page 16, but don’t forget to spend some quiet time in nature so you can hear her whispers. 

Happy April,

Sharon Bruckman