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Natural Dentistry Minimizes Toxic Overload to the Body

Individuals unfamiliar with Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture may not be aware of the body’s meridians, or energy highways through which the life force qi flows, or the possibility that teeth are related to organs, tissues and glands along this meridian system.

“The mouth is connected to the whole body, so it’s logical that the connection between the meridians and teeth can indicate an individual’s overall health and wellness. I see this holistic connection between teeth and the rest of the body when I review a patient’s dental condition. If a person has a weak internal organ, the condition of the associated meridian connected to a tooth can make the issue considerably more problematic,” says Yolanda Cintron, founder of the International Center for Dental Excellence, in Fort Lauderdale. 

As a biological dentist with more than 27 years of experience working to minimize toxic load on the body while simultaneously fostering overall wellness, Cintron employs natural wisdom such as the connection between the meridians, as well as laser dental cleaning and teeth whitening, laser periodontal therapy for gum disease, laser teeth whitening, amalgam removal, non-mercury fillings, and biocompatibility testing.  

Extraction versus root canal therapy

“I prefer extraction and zirconium implants over root canal therapy because bacteria can build up in the root canal itself and cause serious health problems. A missed crack in the root of a tooth presents a complication that can lead to the necessity of further treatment. If a dentist misses the small crack in tooth root, the area is left exposed to the reintroduction of bacteria that can enter the bloodstream and cause infection to other teeth, heart, cardiac muscles and the brain.

Tooth extractions protect patients from tooth-related disease and systemic infections that can be harmful to overall health,” says Cintron, who enjoys spending time with patients to educate them on preventive measures that keep teeth and gums healthy, as well as on the latest holistic dental practices, which she learns about firsthand through attending workshops and working in dental clinics located in countries such as Germany, where more advanced biological dental practices are standard.

The body-mouth connection  

Cintron offers an example that may demonstrates the relationship between the mouth and body. “A patient flew from Seattle to see me for an evaluation. Her dental history showed me that she had a titanium implant, which was located in the area of her mouth connected to the meridian associated with the thyroid gland. When I called her doctor to report my findings, I discovered that the patient had failed to disclose her full medical history and that she had a thyroid tumor which was causing a 2.5-inch deviation of her trachea, moving it to the right. I suggested the removal of the implant and waiting afterwards to see what would develop. The patient returned a month later for a post-op visit and reported that her doctor’s tests revealed that her tumor was shrinking,” says Cintron.

A pearl in the field of dentistry

Cintron knows for certain that the best teeth are the ones an individual is born with. What she believes makes biological dentistry such a treasured pearl in the field of dentistry is when an individual finds a dentist whose practice is focused on helping them to keep their original teeth and maintain healthy gums. “Finding a biological dentist worthy of trust means that the patient can count on being updated and educated on the latest dental research as well as the proper dental hygiene, such as flossing and brushing after every meal and scheduling a dental hygienist visit every two or three months rather than only once a year. Our dental standards and dental insurance coverage today are extremely outdated and aren’t likely to be updated until patients start demanding it,” advises Cintron.

On October 11, Cintron will host a lunch and learn presentation at Food & Thought, located in Naples at 2132 Tamiami Trail North. Focusing on the topic, “Is your mouth making you sick?”, she will explore the benefits of detoxing and getting to the root of the problem in the mouth. To make a reservation, call 954-938-4599. 

A meridian dental chart can be viewed at The International Center for Dental Excellence is located at 2021 E. Commercial Blvd., Ste. 208, in Fort Lauderdale. For more information or to make an appointment, call 954-938-4599. 

by Linda Sechrist
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