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Darkfield Microscopy

Modern medicine’s theory that germs and microbes cause disease had became the gold standard of medical practice by the 20th century. According to Ty Bollinger, author of The Truth About Cancer, the reason that this theory became so popular is that it simplified the root cause behind all disease and encouraged symptom management through the use of patented pharmaceutical drugs. With the reduction of disease to simple interactions between microorganism and host, environmental contamination and deficiencies in vitamins and minerals were no longer considered factors that seriously impacted health.

As medicine progressed beyond germ theory into terrain theory and the delicate balance of the human microbiome, some researchers began to explore the underlying causes of illness using darkfield microscopy and live, whole-blood cell analysis.

Darkfield microscopy is a research and educational tool that provides qualitative data previously unavailable to inform self-care programs and nutritional supplement selection, which can help to repair and heal the body. It can also provide insight into that which conventional medicine fails to focus on—what individuals need to maintain a healthy internal ecological terrain, the foundation of good health. It is the state of our inner terrain that directly impacts our health, not the mere presence or absence of germs.

The specially adapted microscope projects a dynamic image of live whole blood cells onto a video screen from which a darkfield microscopist skilled in nutritional cell analysis can provide personal education about an individual’s microbiome, including improved digestive, eliminative and immune functions.

This tool, in the hands of a skilled microscopist, can help an individual discover how to achieve the goal of balancing bacteria and other microorganisms. It is not intended for nor capable of diagnosing or treating disease.


Brad Ferringo is a darkfield microscopist. For more information about darkfield microscopy, call 239-248-0455 or visit

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