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Technology that Turns the Palm of the Hand into Portal to Pain Relief

Infusing heat into the circulatory system can reduce blood thickness (viscosity) and increase microvascular circulation. Thinner blood facilitates more efficient flow through the skeletal muscles on its route to the smaller vasodilated capillaries. New technology that uses a vacuum chamber and a microprocessor to manage an application of negative pressure and safe continued infusion of heat into the circulatory system works in concert with this process. It also takes advantage of a unique arrangement of blood vessels (arteriovenous anastomosis) (AVA) in the palm of the hand.

This clinically tested and U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved Class II medical device technology manipulates the AVAs to act as natural portals that safely increase the temperature and volume of blood flowing through the higher volume vessels thus increasing whole-body microcirculation from a single contact point. When dilated and distended, the blood flow through an AVA can be 1,000 times more than the smaller capillary.

An increase in microvascular circulation enhances oxygen delivery and nutrition to the skeletal muscles while carrying away toxins. The result is healthier, more relaxed muscles throughout the entire body. The muscular relaxation brought about by warmed, reduced-viscosity blood rapidly circulated to all the organs and muscle tissues, enhancing oxygen and nutrient delivery. Increasing the core body temperature is hypothesized to enhance enzyme function for those with low core body temperature.

To date, the technology has been clinically proven for pain relief from arthritis, as well as muscle and joint pain. It has anecdotally been shown to be effective for a wide range of healthy challenges from fibromyalgia, migraines and plantar fasciitis to high blood pressure, diabetes and Lyme disease, as well as Raynaud’s syndrome and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Holistic Health Solutions, located at 4947 Tamiami Tr. N., Ste. 204, in Naples, offers the this advanced vascular circulation enhancement technology (AVACEN 100). To schedule an appointment or for more information call Richard Campanella at 239-566-1210 or email [email protected].

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