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DNA Activation to Achieve Higher Consciousness

Nov 30, 2016 09:41AM ● By Stephanie Bowers

Rae Chandran

Rae Chandran will travel from his home in Tokyo, Japan, to Unity Church of Bonita Springs to present a DNA Activation & Sound Healing workshop on January 14 and 15. This spiritual teacher, energy healer and author of six books will begin with a free introductory lecture to his DNA Activation workshop on January 13. Chandran’s workshops around the world in countries such as Taiwan, India, Malaysia and others, as well as his small, custom-guided sacred group tours to Egypt and Israel, are virtually spiritual expeditions to the inner self, intended to help individuals connect with their vibrational essence.

Whether on a journey to destinations believed to hold high spiritual energy, which he believes aids in connecting with higher states of consciousness and an experience of our multidimensionality, or conducting a workshop that includes sacred geometry, sound therapy, healing symbols and channeled teachings of the ascended masters, Chandran’s wealth of knowledge in the areas of ancient tones, mudras and creation codes supports participants in achieving their highest potential.  

Chandran’s work in DNA activation is best understood in terms of cellular biologist Bruce Lipton’s breakthrough research in cell biology and quantum physics. Lipton’s pioneering research in the field of vibrational medicine, known as the science of epigenetics, shows how forces operating outside the DNA sequence, including extracellular, environmental and energetic influences, affect the development, functioning and evolution of biological systems. Chandran teaches workshop participants about our ability to communicate with DNA.

How is DNA connected to spiritual awakening?

DNA is the core element of who we are, both physically and spiritually. If there is a place in our body that we can identify as where the higher self lives, it is in our DNA. Our whole story is in the DNA. All the gifts, talents and abilities that we have are imprinted into our DNA. The energy of all the actions we’ve ever taken and all the choices we’ve ever made are in our DNA.

The spiritual history of the human race and our essence as a part of the grand universe is also imprinted in our DNA. It carries our spiritual blueprint and all the spiritual journeys we’ve ever taken on our incarnation cycle. The knowing and understanding of our DNA is the knowing of our creation, our higher self and our spiritual lineage.

Within our consciousness is the ability to communicate and work with our DNA. When we communicate with our DNA, it responds, and we begin to awaken to our true essence as multidimensional beings. DNA activation means a return to living from this multidimensional quantum state of consciousness, which is one with everything.

Within this new age, we are slowly bringing back an original energy which I think was designed for today. It is time to return to living in this quantum state, which is the spiritual state that our forefathers gave us thousands of years ago.

To register for workshops or Egypt and Israel tours in Apr. and Jul. or for more information, call Susan Deflavis Winters at 239-340-1036 or email [email protected]. For more information about Rae Chandran, visit

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