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Letter from Publisher

Is it possible to make cherished holidays truly a season of light and love? I’ve been reflecting on how to be better grounded and present in the holiday spirit. Fleeting pleasures brought on by the next gadget or experience can’t hold a candle to the peace and joy we all yearn to feel inside.

I’ve found that setting a conscious intention to experience the magic of the holidays and the increased opportunities to love and feel connected opens me up to experiencing ordinary activities and interactions in extraordinary ways.

By recognizing and savoring these experiences, it all creates deep grooves of interconnectedness and gratitude. These days, I find myself more often becoming the source generating the experiences I am looking for while lifting others’ spirits right along with mine.

To keep myself in this heart-centered receptive mode, I have to slow down and pause often from whatever I am doing to focus on prayer, meditation or many of the other tools mentioned in this month’s special “Awakening to Spirit” edition as part of my daily practice.

In this mode I also more easily embrace an attitude of gratitude. Every day, our lives are filled with blessings large and small, and I, like you, find that taking time to consciously reflect on them opens us up to receive even more.

The holidays are a prime time to express love and appreciation to loved ones and friends in heartfelt ways. Have you ever noticed how quickly you feel the joy of connection when you appreciate someone? What a gift it is to kindly see one another.

Remember what it felt like being a kid during the holidays—believing in the magic of Santa Claus and miracles? We all need to feel that way again. The world needs to believe it’s possible to have love, peace and joy everywhere. When we celebrate Christ’s birth into the world, we embrace this possibility. It all begins by one heart linking with another heart. So open it up wide and spread it around. The world needs a love fest so huge that everyone wants to join in.

I have a holiday card that says BELIEVE on the front. I believe… and hope you do, too.

Peace, joy and love to all,

Sharon Bruckman, Publisher

Sharon Bruckman, Publisher

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