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Finding the Willpower to Work Out in Naples

Aug 30, 2013 09:40AM ● By Linda Sechrist

When the will to work out fizzles, Southwest Floridians who are unable to meet the challenges of resistance, procrastination and other roadblocks to staying on a path of regular exercise are finding it helpful to use the services of local certified personal trainers. Jay Weitzner, owner of Symmetry Fitness; Justin Schold, owner of Naples Home Training; Micah West, owner of Transcendent Fitness; and Patricia Wilborn, owner of Pilates Gyrotonic Yoga Studio, offer guidance and motivation.

At Transcendent Fitness, where the benefits of working with kettlebells is the focus, West finds that clients are motivated when they understand their own movement dysfunctions and limitations, which are measured by a functional movement screen. “Our movement-based approach to fitness addresses real-world physical actions, which ultimately allows the client to enjoy their daily tasks. The freedom from pain naturally motivates everyone,” says West.

In his onsite fitness training with clients that are 60 and older, Schold prefers to focus on strength training, balance and posture exercises that can result in self-assuredness and freedom from the fear of orthopedic injury. “Often working just twice a week with weights results in a sense of improved strength and balance, which is enough to keep clients motivated. Having a personal trainer to be accountable to also makes a difference,” advises Schold.

“In order to exercise for a lifetime, it is imperative that injuries, along with premature and unnecessary joint wear, are avoided,” advises Weitzner, a physics-centered trainer who teaches his clients that the key to exercising for a lifetime is to understand how exercise affects the body. For example, joint wear can take a while—there are no nerve endings within a joint capsule, so there is no warning that the cartilage covering the bone ends is wearing away. “People become motivated when they understand that they can be physically fit and active their whole life,” he says.

Gyrotonics and Pilates, whether performed on a machine or a mat, require the assistance of a personal trainer, as well as an evaluation and assessment prior to establishing a routine. “A good trainer begins with the basics and designs a routine to restore balance first,” advises Wilborn, who is a corrective exercise specialist certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She notes that sensing the difference that renewed balance makes or feeling more flexible is frequently enough motivation to remain loyal to the routine.

Symmetry Fitness, 1750 J&C Blvd. Ste. 10, Naples. 239-940-2121. 239-398-6196.

Transcendent Fitness, 4646 Domestic Ave. Ste. 103, Naples. 239-293-9984.

Pilates Gyrotonic Yoga Studio, Golden Gate and Santa Barbara (next to Naples Christian Academy). 239-290-7499.


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