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Letting Go

Recently, in the midst of making a pivotal life decision, I had a vivid vision that helped me move forward. I saw my arm reaching up from the bank of a rapidly moving river, desperately hanging onto a tree branch, so that I wouldn’t be swept downstream. I understood that letting go of that connection represented surrendering to the unknown,
trusting that the river of life would take me where I needed to go.

The vision flashed through my mind when I received an unexpected offer on the house that’s been my cherished home for the past 15 years. Although I had delayed authorizing a real estate listing, wavering over my intention to sell, I had given a Realtor friend permission to show my house to a client in town for the weekend. When they met my price, I knew then it was time to let go, and trust I was making the right decision.

Maybe it wouldn’t have seemed as difficult if I hadn’t been feeling unsettled in other areas of my life, including the ending of a romantic relationship, business expansion challenges and caring for my elderly mother this summer. I realized I’d felt unsettled ever since a faulty water line flooded my house when I was away last Christmas.

I’m glad that an astrologer friend has confirmed that this current time of changes will provide me great opportunities to step into a more authentic, empowered, creative expression of myself. What more could I want?

In this month’s special Creative Expression issue, we explore what living an inspired life looks like and how to make breakthroughs. Over the years, I’ve realized that everything we do is creative, from the thoughts we think to the meals we make to the ways we communicate. It takes far more than artists’ tools to live a fearless, inspired, creative life—it takes courage.

It takes backbone to look at what’s working and not working in your life and do something about it; bravery to examine old wounds, fears and issues that might be holding you back and then heal them; and guts to talk about and dare to imagine and act on the life of your dreams. What do you want for yourself, in terms of your best life, relationships, career and purpose?

Achieving our ideal is rarely easy, nor does it happen overnight. Be we can keep claiming the best for ourselves, trust our inner guidance along the way, and ask for help when we need it. I have learned that when it’s time to let go of the branch, deep down, we know it.

What’s your unique gift to the world? What do you love to do? What song do you need to sing before you go? I’ll be celebrating my birthday this month with friends and loved ones at a housewarming party at my new digs, a charming Old Naples cottage a couple of blocks from the pier. You just never know the larger blessing awaiting you… until you take the leap.

Shine on!



Sharon Bruckman, Publisher

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