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Jan 01, 2016 09:06AM

Dr. Michelle Brown

Michelle Brown, a doctor of Oriental medicine, licensed acupuncture physician and owner of Alternative Natural Healthcare, in Bonita Springs, speaks enthusiastically about her personal medical history with acupuncture. “Acupuncture treatments eliminated my need for seven medications prescribed for asthma and allergies. I didn’t need anything else to show me the indisputable evidence that I needed to pursue a career as a licensed acupuncture physician and doctor of oriental medicine,” says Brown, who is recognized as a primary care physician in the state of Florida. Since opening her practice, the certified acupuncture detox specialist has added other healing protocols and modalities such as homeopathic injection therapy, herbal medicine, the application of therapeutic essential oils for wellness, microneedling, and most recently, multi-wave locked system (MLS) laser therapy.

Homeopathy is a system of alternative medicine based on Samuel Hahnemann’s doctrine that like cures like. “This means that a substance that causes the symptoms of a disease in healthy people will cure similar symptoms in individuals who are sick,” advises Brown. Homeopathic remedies are chosen for patients by considering the totality of their symptoms, personal traits, physical and psychological state, as well as their life history. Brown carries a full line of Chinese herbal medicine, as well as homeopathic remedies, which she also uses in homeopathic injection therapy.

Acupuncture point injection therapy (AIT), sometimes referred to as biopuncture, is an integrative therapy that blends the best of Traditional Chinese Medicine with conventional and homeopathic medicine. Employing this technique for specific wellness needs of her patients, Brown injects natural therapeutic substances such as homeopathic remedies or vitamins into acupuncture points. “By stimulating powerful acupuncture points with proven natural substances, we can affect the body on a deeper level and create a healing climate. AIT is particularly effective for the resolution of acute and chronic pain in the body, particularly the shoulder, back, knee and neck,” explains Brown.

Not only does Brown carry a complete line of doTERRA certified pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils, she also teaches regular classes on how to use them for a more holistic approach to wellness that compliments acupuncture treatments which encourage the body to promote natural healing and improve function.

Microneedling therapy, also known as collagen induction therapy, is a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation procedure involving the use of a device that contains fine needles that are used to puncture the skin, creating a controlled skin injury. Results can include a reduction in scars and pore size, as well as improved texture and firmness.

The MLS laser treats pain, inflammation and arthritis. Thisw Class IV laser is a U.S. Food and Drug Administration-cleared non-surgical device that uses two wavelengths in the invisible infrared spectrum to treat arthritis pain, as well as back, hip, knee, shoulder, and heel pain, numbness, carpal tunnel, tingling and other problems.

Alternative Natural Healthcare is located at 16517 Vanderbilt Dr., Ste. 3, in Bonita Springs. For more information, call 239-947-6234 or visit

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