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Get a Lift with Professional Life Coaching

Oct 31, 2022 05:02PM ● By Linda Sechrist

Originally from the Boston area and now a Naples resident, Samantha Tierney’s newest endeavor, Fly Your Kite Life Coaching, is catching the wind and sailing high in the sky on its early test run. “It’s a natural career move that brings together everything in my professional career and personal life so far. My Bachelor of Science in Education from Westfield State University, a Master of Education from George Mason University in curriculum and instruction and my experience as an adjunct faculty/literacy consultant/and elementary school teacher all work for me in my new career. I can even bring in what I know from being a Guardian ad Litem and mentor for new guardians for the 20th Circuit Court of Collier County. The icing on the cake is my certification as professional life coach from the International Association of Professional Recovery Coaches. I can confidently guide people through life’s challenges with encouragement, planning and tools for positive change,” says Tierney.

“I’ve been a college student, a teacher, a parent, divorced and a retired professional. So, I’ve experienced most all of life’s major transitions and know a lot about dating, marriage, parenthood and careers. I love the one I now have, and so enjoy guiding others using some great tools such as values assessment. My clients seem to enjoy them because it gives them an opportunity to talk about their strengths and talents. We also do a lot of brainstorming and goal-setting activities that springboard into self-discovery,” advises Tierney.

One thing Tierney loves is an activity that asks clients to think of their life as a metaphor. “It involves reflecting on the highlights and lowlights of life and asking what patterns they see, and what object they use to describe their life. Reflecting on my life gave me the idea of a kite. I made costumes in theatre and like to sew. A kite bounces up and down before it gets off the ground. It’s made of fabric, and I love bows and ribbons. KITE is an acronym. K is for knowledge of techniques to identify areas where change is necessary. I is for interaction and guidance through activities to uncover and explore your strengths and talents to set your course, T is for tenacity and encouragement to assist you in staying focused on your goals, plans and dreams. And E is for enrichment ideas to add to your future success and positive change. All ways in which I provide support for changing the direction of your life.”

Samantha Tierney is located at Bonita Office Suites, 28441 S. Tamiami Tr., Unit 109, Ste. 105, in Bonita Springs. For appointments, call 239-641-1243 or email [email protected]