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Natural Awakenings Naples and Fort Myers

Reader Spotlight Meet Sherry Slater, Fort Myers resident

Proudest achievement: From work-related ones such as earning a master’s degree and obtaining my goal position to personal ones of raising three wonderful daughters and being married to the same terrific man for 40 years. 

Expectations for the future: My personal worldview is one of optimistic hope both in the human race's ability to overcome and change as needed, and in our innate ability to love and appreciate what we have and so to work tirelessly to intercede for people, climate and environmental needs that are so desperately needed now. Conversations are happening, and we must all make time to be part of them. “government” is us/the “church” is us. It’s time to stop thinking that “someone else” will do the difficult work or make the difficult decisions. Working collectively, the future could be bright. I want to expect this.

Favorite websites: From educational sites like Ted Talks, to self-help and improvement sites like, to researching my hobby sites for crocheting ( and my love of tea ( The options are endless.

Local or global causes supported: Local organizations around the Fort Myers area are a wonderful collective serving the needs of the community. My favorites are the Harry Chapin Food Bank, St. Matthews House, I Will Foundation, the SWFL RESET Center for environmental issues, and the Café of Life, in Bonita Springs. Each organization brings a special answer to those in need. Lutheran World Relief is my preferred organization to donate to for needs happening around the world.

Favorite thing about Natural Awakenings: I’ve read this magazine for years and love the service resources they highlight, as well as the inspirational and educational articles written by Linda Sechrist.

Most frequented healthy food restaurant: The Green Cup Café, in downtown Fort Myers is my favorite, followed closely by Ada’s Natural market and the Artisan Eatery. Next on my list to try is the Living Vine Organic Café!

Where I pick up my copy of Natural Awakenings: Ada’s Market, or a friend gives them to me.

How I support my community: Because Hurricane Ian has so thoroughly changed the landscape in many sections of Fort Myers, supporting the community has become very focused in helping others to clean up their properties after the storm, support others who are experiencing food and monetary insecurities and donating to worthy causes. 

Favorite Quote: An African Proverb: "If you want to go fast, walk alone. If you want to go far, walk together."

What I am doing to be the change I want to see in the world: I believe that sometimes we overlook the small things, but the smallest action far supersedes the largest of intentions. I consistently walk a two-mile area and pick up trash, consider carefully what I purchase, always recycle, support local churches in their ministries and pray daily.