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Nancy Duarte: Life Coaching that Changes Lives

Jul 30, 2022 09:02AM ● By Linda Sechrist

As a former therapist for 23 years, Nancy Duarte, a Naples-based certified life/divorce coach, intently listened to her clients talk about their problems, fears, hopes and dreams. Aware that her role as a therapist was to present clients with a better comprehension of what motivated or caused them to act or think in the way that they did, rather than giving advice, she remained within the guidelines of a profession that describes psychotherapy as a tool for guiding people in make their own decisions.

Today, as a life coach, while she continues to interact one-on-one with clients and use the experience gained in her clinical practice, Duarte is having a much more significant impact helping individuals to reach their goals, overcome obstacles and create a customized plan for sustained success. “From years of conversations, I was able to identify certain hot topics that repeatedly surfaced, the ones that kept people up at night. Then I developed virtual, live classes where I help people restructure their lives so that they attract the people and opportunities they want. We do it in far less time than it takes to figure it out in therapy,” advises Duarte, who understands that every person wants his or her life to matter. 

According to Duarte, no one needs a lot of money or to be famous to live a life of significance and meaning. “You really don’t need anything to create the life you want. All you need is to choose a life that matters and dare to follow your own path. Living your truth is a journey that involves many steps, starting with being honest with yourself about your values and goals. Once you’re clear about these things, you can begin the process of choosing how to live and developing skills that equip you for a life that matters. I provide practical advice and real-world strategies for how to do this. You have to be serious and ready to dive in and get to work. While bold and intense, the work is incredibly rewarding,” says Duarte, whose most recent course, The Naked Truth, is a six-week, live supportive environment of total immersion where individuals come face-to-face with their fears and blockages, insecurities and self-criticism. “It’s a life-changing experience where people discover the truth about themselves and what’s holding them back.”

Duarte, who speaks fluent Spanish, offers courses and training covering a wide variety of issues, from personal growth, marriage, parenting and blended families to toxic relationships, co- and single-parenting, divorce and life without limits. She blogs regularly at Her Naked Truth podcast is on Spotify.

For more information text 954-445-3077, email [email protected] or visit See ad on back cover.