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Natural Awakenings Naples and Fort Myers

Finding Balance

Jul 29, 2022 05:42PM ● By Sharon Bruckman

It’s been one of those months! While I was out of town, my air conditioner backed up and flooded the wood floor in my pantry and kitchen. After weeks of wrangling, I’m still waiting for some resolution from my insurance company and other parties. Meanwhile, the sound of fans, dehumidifiers and HEPA air filter machines continuously hum in the background. 

Whether or not the respiratory infection I developed is a result of my current living conditions or a weakened physical and emotional state, I’m grateful to have access to the information you’ll find in this month’s issue (as well as years of research archived on our website). 

For example, while collaborating with our editorial team on the “Soothing Scents: Top Eight Essential Oils for Anxiety Relief” article, I was inspired to pull out some of my essential oils to quiet my nerves. Lavender is always my first go-to, but I learned about other great options. I also discovered that many of these essential oils have been used in wellness practices for thousands of years and that modern research has been able to scientifically verify that they improve mood by triggering the release of calming neurochemicals such as GABA in the nerve centers of the brain. See more on page 20. 

Along with acupuncture, ozone therapy, and cough and respiratory remedies, I created some quiet time to connect to a higher sense of consciousness where there is no illness, only perfect health. I was grateful for our interview with Mark Mincolla about his new book and documentary film, The Way of Miracles: Accessing Your Superconsciousness, in which he shares his experiences and research for cultivating our natural ability to heal and create miracles. Check it out on page 38. 

My all-time favorite remedy is a long walk in nature. Summer sunsets at the beach are the best. The water is warm, and the longer days and sultry temperatures create spectacularly colorful skyscapes that both enliven and calm my spirit. When I really need to recalibrate, I prefer to walk alone (or with someone) in silence. As you’ll find in “Take a Silent Hike: Tips for Walking Mindfully in Nature,” on page 36, by focusing on our breathing and listening carefully for sounds both quiet and distant, we can tap into and sync with nature’s vibrancy and rhythm. I look forward to some silent walks in the woods of northern Michigan at our family cottage later this summer.  

Lastly, our Inspiration department reminded me how powerful my thoughts and words are in creating all of my experiences, including my health and well-being. In “Change Your Words, Change Your Life,” on page 41, celebrity coach and author Christy Whitman explains how the words we speak are never neutral, because language doesn’t simply describe reality, it creates it. As she says, “With every word we speak, we’re either speaking into existence a reality we desire or we’re actively creating a reality we dread.”

When life throws you a curve ball, I hope you’ll find some of the tools and resources in this month’s issue helpful. I would start by going outside and enjoying more sunsets! 

Happy Summering,