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INTUITION: The Language of the Soul

Jun 30, 2022 01:36PM ● By Lenka Schulze

Have you ever you asked yourself why you are here and what your purpose might be? What is the meaning of life and how you can you sustain your health, vitality, happiness, and joy? In our search for answers, there are many external influences all around us and experts to consult.

Yet the answers we seek will not be found in India, Tibet, or in some spiritual retreat.

Nor will they be found in spiritual seminars or metaphysical books. These attempts are

in the domain of the intellect. And there, the real answers we seek do not materialize because

the answers to these questions lie deep inside of us, within the soul. 

The soul is the true essence of the self. It is all-knowing and can access any information desired, yet the soul does not speak in mundane words. It speaks the language of Intuition and is based on a very advanced pathway that we all have within us. To find these answers and the path of empowerment, abundance, peace, or joy, we must simply learn to communicate with our souls.

The concept of Intuition was originally theological, meaning “spiritual perception”. Now,

Webster’s dictionary defines intuition as a natural ability or power that makes it possible

to know something without any proof or evidence: a feeling that guides a person to act a

certain way without understanding why.

Scientists at the HeartMath Institute have been collecting data over 25 years that demonstrates the ability to know information without knowing the source. They have demonstrated that our hearts give us signals about certain situations seconds before we actually encounter them. They also discovered that the heart has its own intricate neural network of over forty thousand neurons able to independently process information to make a decision. Simply put, the heart “knows”, and it supersedes the capacity of the mind to perceive.

Intuition is the only language that is universal. Our souls are capable of communicating with other souls without our intellectual understanding or intellectual consent. And, because it governs and guides our lives, the power of the soul ultimately overrides our egoistic wishes and demands. As we are trained to force, push our ego/personality forward in life to get, consume, conquer, or control, we completely ignore the voice of our soul.

We often say our lives are full of happiness and meaning. But have we honestly looked

within for that answer, or are we just pretending? How do we really know? One way

our souls speak to us is through the language of feelings. If we live our lives with joy

and a happy outlook on life, our bodies are vibrant with healthy energy, vitality, and

genuine joy and peace. If we are not in these high states of consciousness, we have

not been listening to our intuition. We are ignoring the existence of the soul and are

simply serving our egos.

The soul does not consider money, positions of power, or fame worthy of a meaningful life or a sustainable form of vitality, health, joy, or happiness. We are spiritual beings having human experiences. The soul deeply yearns to experience, to be acknowledged, and ultimately to have a way to express itself. It seeks to know why we exist, what our purpose is and how much our existence matters in the vast universe.

The soul is the essence of our true selves. It never dies, and ultimately transforms back to the Source that we all came from. It is our time to speak the language of intuition…the soul language.

Ways to Receive Intuition

Clairsentience: Being clairsentient means we feel or sense things. Our primary

language is through direct body experience, physical or emotional sensations

such as temperature changes, air pressure, gut feelings, or sudden bliss or

euphoria. Crowds and parties can be overwhelming quantities of energies to


Clairaudience: Our inner voice is guiding us with an auditory sense of knowing.

Messages come into mind via words, sounds, and music. These messages

stand out in that moment and will replay later in the mind. Being clairaudient

means being very sensitive to music and sound and having low tolerance for

static or irritating sounds.

Clairvoyance: Clairvoyants see things differently and enjoy symbolism and signs. Clairvoyants can often see auras, images, flashes of insights in visual form that come and go in seconds. The third eye is strongly developed and the world is perceived with wonder.

Claircognizance: Being claircognizant means having deep, unexplained knowing. It also means being a quick thinker, appearing to know everything without prior knowledge of a subject.

If you are not sure, or don’t consider yourself to be intuitive, here are 8 keys to begin developing your intuition:

1. Use it or lose it. Intuitive muscle needs to be trained and trusted.

2. Be aware. Intuition doesn’t come screaming. It is subtle communication that comes and goes. It is essential to pay attention to your surroundings.

3. Trust is an important element. When we doubt our intuitive guidance, we doubt ourselves.

4. Explore with a pendulum, cards, or crystals.

5. Journal and chart your progress and acknowledge your milestones.

6. Find time to be still.

7. Listen and let your soul speak to you.

8. Have fun!

Lenka Schulze is an author, speaker, educator, medical Intuologist and founder of the Wellness Energy Institute, a Non-profit 5013c Spiritual Center located at 5435 Park Central Court in Naples. To contact call 239-860-6977 or visit See ad on inside front cover.