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Use More Than One PolarAid For Health Benefits

“Can I use more than ONE PolarAid on the body?”

We are happy to answer that question for you.  

In using PolarAid daily and following the chakra protocol as suggested in the booklet, you CAN indeed start using more than one PolarAid!
 We also have suggestions that will work for you! 

  • To use PolarAid on reflex zones may improve internal body functions, simply place PolarAid discs under each of your feet AND place your hands on the PolarAid while relaxing!

  • Also, place at once, PolarAid discs on several areas of discomfort (knees, joints, spine, etc.) hence raising the level of energy circulation through energy channels and removing blockages, the cause of stagnation and therefore of pain.

Every human is unique and has different levels of sensitivity so you are free to experiment and find the best way PolarAid can correspond to your specific needs!
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