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Trinity Personal Fitness

Dec 29, 2021 05:01PM ● By Yvette Lynn

As an obese teenager with many medical issues, Lisa Hall, owner of Trinity Personal Fitness, in Cape Coral, learned firsthand about the personal motivation as well as physical and emotional components, of losing weight and developing a healthy body. “I began by playing around with diets and exercise, not understanding that it’s not about doing one or the other, but rather both,” says Hall. 

She persevered through a tumultuous 10-year period of trial and error before achieving a healthy body, mindset and weight. “Even before many individuals began asking me what I did to accomplish my goals, I had already completed courses and received certifications that I knew would be helpful to me, as well as to others who wanted to learn how to have a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle that includes good nutrition, exercise and mindfulness,” says the certified holo-body coach who offers her personal training services that can lead to optimal health from the inside-out in her home, a client’s home or vitually.

“Before beginning anything, I do a comprehensive assessment to determine an individual’s specific needs, injuries, limitations, allergies, etc. Nearly all clients get a combination of yoga, Pilates, and reiki, which I’ve been practicing for 15 years and certified in for eight." A reiki master, Hall is also a registered yoga teacher and trained in Pilates, as well as various forms of personal training.

For more information contact Lisa Hall, RYT, at 732-766-2022.