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Healthy and Slim

In the USA, obesity is increasing considerably every year. The World Health Organization has described obesity as a new “pandemic”. In the United States, 32.9 percent of adults are obese as well as 13 percent of children. Their life expectancy is reduced by around 20 percent. 

With overweight, the sequels of obesity are increasing every year as well: the prevalence of diabetes, heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, etc. On the other hand, anorexia nervosa is becoming more and more frequent, too. Scientists have found 12 hormones that regulate appetite and body weight. With overweight, metabolic waste is stored in the soft connective tissue. This creates insulin resistance and makes the appetite center in the hypothalamus resistant to the appetite-inhibiting hormone leptin, so that the appetite is no longer inhibited and energy expenditure is deregulated.

For both conditions, obesity and anorexia, scientists have found out that the microbiome of the intestine maintains the disease and that a systematic rehabilitation with an individualized vegetable fresh food diet and microbial therapy is crucial for healing. Significantly, 95 percent of overweight persons cannot maintain the weight they have achieved after a reduced-calorie diet. However, both conditions, adiposities and anorexia, can be permanently cured with a well-organized plant-based diet, rich in fresh fruits and vegetables (raw food). In both conditions, the weight tends reliably towards the ideal weight without any feelings of hunger. 

This method is explained in Bircher-Benner Manual No. 26, ready for practical use. 

Dr. med. Andres Bircher. (