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Yogita Yoga Boutique Features a Full Array of Classes

Yogita Yoga Boutique, in east Bonita Springs, is owned by Joyce Sharp and her daughter, Sidnie. Now open and following social distancing guidelines in the studio, it offers private sessions, semi-private sessions and group private sessions, in addition to virtual classes online with the option for individuals to practice at home. Class sizes are limited, so individuals must book in advance and cancel no later than 30 minutes prior to class if unable to attend.

The mother and daughter are yoga instructors who share a passion for health, wellness and yoga. Their boutique reflects this in the variety of yoga classes suitable for all levels, as well as the yoga clothing they feature from a variety of brands such as Onesie, Funky Yoga, Niyama Sol and Yoga Democracy, plus accessories, yoga props and yoga mats.

About choosing “Yogita” as the name of their boutique, Joyce explains, “Yogita means enchanted, the state or condition of a yogi. The foundation of our mission is to provide a community in which individuals can connect as one. One important aspect of this state is a sense of connection within ourselves, others and the universe. It’s what we strive to create here in all the classes we teach.”

Yoga Basics, for students new to yoga or anyone yearning to return to the basics and create a strong foundation for yoga practice, targets foundational yoga postures with modifications, awareness of breath and safe alignment.

Yogita Slow Flow connects movement of the body with the flow of breath through vinyasa practices and sun salutations with modifications. The class ends with breath awareness relaxation or meditation. Some knowledge of yoga poses is needed.

Yogita Gentle Yoga is a slow-paced, introspective practice focused on passive stretching and increasing joint mobility. Appropriate for all levels. 

Yogita All Levels, a well-rounded practice, integrates modifications, amplifications and right alignment with safety at the forefront.

Buti Yoga, a dynamic asana practice fused with primal movement, tribal dance, plyometrics (jump training) and deep core engagement, is for all levels. Some knowledge of yoga postures is good. Buti means “the cure that has been hidden or kept secret”. The practice guides students within to find the cure for what is holding them back. Water and a towel are necessities.

Buti Lite offers all of the elements of a Buti Yoga class with a lower impact focus. Some knowledge of yoga postures is recommended.

Chair Yoga, a gentle form of yoga for all levels, ages and physical conditions, is practiced sitting in a chair or standing using the chair for support. Many yoga postures, breathing techniques, meditation and techniques of relaxation are done with the aid of this prop.

Yoga Vinyasa and Vibes is a yoga flow with an upbeat playlist for fluid transitions inspired by the beat. Focusing on core stability and strength-building, this fun, sweaty class includes modifications. Some yoga experience is suggested.

Vintage Vinyasa, an energetic class with vintage music from the ‘60s through the ‘90s, helps the mind and body unwind into the yoga practice. All levels are welcome.

Yogita Yin, a slower-paced practice with passive poses held for three to five minutes releases connective tissue and stimulates joints and muscle groups to increase range of motion. This practice connects the mind to the body and breath. 

Restorative Yoga with Yoga Nidra, a guided meditative practice, is also offered.

Yogita Yoga Boutique is located at 12870 Trade Way 4, Ste. 110, in Bonita Springs. For more information call 239-908-3572 or visit