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Four Pillars of Wellness

Aug 31, 2021 12:46PM ● By Sue Mahany

Building a wellness plan requires a solid foundation built upon four pillars that are fundamental requirements for health. When practiced, they can bring balance to daily habits.


Nutrition is a significant factor for the health of the body, which needs trace minerals, magnesium, fiber, amino acids and good fats. While many individuals have a mix of good and bad food habits, to ensure that the body is getting the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that it needs, working with a functional medicine doctor and having an annual blood test to determine any macro and micronutrient deficiencies is essential. Boosting nutritional intake can be done by adding fresh-pressed juices to a weekly regimen or attempting to make produce half the diet.

Although the decision to eat animal products for protein is a personal choice, according to the Center for Nutrition Studies, headed by T. Colin Campbell at Cornell University, non-animal sources are not only sufficient, but also significantly reduce the probability that a person will have cardiovascular issues. Replacing meat with beans at least a couple days of week is a good start.


Human life depends on oxygen as a first line of defense against bacteria, viruses, yeast and parasites. Oxidation is also how the body converts food into useable energy for work and growth. The principle of oxidation to bring about healing in the body is called bio-oxidative treatment, and the simplest form is aerobic exercise. Bio-oxidation is the fundamental mechanism of how exercise improves health.

Deep breathing exercises are also an excellent way to get more oxygen into the body. Faster methods to get oxygen into the body include hyperbaric (high pressure) chambers and ozone delivery. Ozone is activated oxygen with three weakly bonded oxygen atoms that are relatively unstable, so once they enter the body, they rapidly oxidize and create metabolites that do all the great work of oxygen.

Getting ozone into the body can be done in several ways, including medical approaches such as adding it to the blood intravenously, ozone saunas and affordable home machines by which individuals can insufflate (blow) ozone through the ears, rectum or vagina. Oxygen is so fundamental to the immune system, enzyme system, production of energy and removal of toxins from the body that it is critical to consider sufficient intake. Take slow, deep breaths whenever possible.


A body with good nutrition and oxygen needs a third wellness pillar to move and circulate the blood. While individuals have different needs and tolerance for exercise, there is no better examples than moving the body. Walking is the easiest means of circulating blood, and individuals living in Southwest Florida have the added benefit of being able to walk on a beach most days of the year.

Increasing circulation using technology can be accomplished with vibration plates, pulsed electromagnetic frequency devices that increase vasodilation, lymph movement technologies and any means that heats up the body, such as a far-infrared sauna. Simply taking 15 minutes out of a busy schedule and moving in a fun way such as dancing or a brisk walk can increase circulation.


A balanced, productive and well-lived life involves alternating between activity and rest. In the U.S., there seems to be a tendency toward too much activity and not enough rest. All healing and digestion happens when the body is in a parasympathetic state of rest. This is one reason why a good seven-and-a-half hours or more of sleep a night is fundamental to wellness. Matthew Walker, Ph.D., in his book Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams, says, "I think that sleep may be one of the most significant lifestyle factors that determines your risk ratio for Alzheimer's disease." Sleep, of course, is not the only way to rest. Enjoying time in the sun, spending time with a pet, talking with friends or gardening can all be very restful activities if they are done in a peaceful, relaxed way.

In building a wellness plan, consider which of the pillars of wellness could use improvement. Changing one habit at a time promotes a steady, increasing spiral of health upon which to build a beautiful life.

Sue Mahany is the owner of Spark Health Technologies, located at 11983 Tamiami Tr. N., Ste. 150, in Naples. The wellness center has a HOCATT ozone sauna, BEMER microcirculation mat and hydrogen technologies. For appointments and more information, call 802-752-6342 or visit

Spark Health Technologies 11983 N Tamiami Trail Ste 150 - 11983 N Tamiami Tr Ste 150 Naples FL

Spark Health Technologies, 11983 N. Tamiami Trail, Ste #150 - 11983 N Tamiami Tr, Ste 150, Naples, FL

Spark Health Technologies has a HOCATT ozone sauna, BEMER PEMF mat, and Hydrogen Technologies hydrogen inhalation machine. This trio of machines is used to safely and gently detoxify the ... Read More »