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Turn Up the Creativity

Aug 31, 2021 12:12PM ● By Sharon Bruckman

 I’ve always loved the creative process—that seemingly magical realm where I can surrender to the quiet stillness within and my imagination and intuition find fertile ground for the divine muse to enter. During such musings, insights, answers and visions make themselves known when least expected. 

It was a clear voice 27 years ago that told me to start a magazine. The unexpected message didn’t make sense at the time, because my college degree was in the visual arts. Little did I realize that my art training, which inspired curiosity and encouraged me to trust my instincts, was a gift I could apply to everything in life, including a field I knew nothing about. 

Creativity isn’t just for artists. It’s a gift for all of us, whether we’re athletes, students, entrepreneurs or caretakers. The more we allow ourselves to imagine, the stronger our skill at envisioning becomes. Some of my favorite activities that encourage and strengthen this wise inner guide are journaling, expressive dance movement, a walk in nature, listening to music and meditation. 

In this month’s feature story, “Art’s Embrace: Healing Through Creativity,” by Sandra Yeyati, on page 29, we explore how art and creativity can be a powerful force for healing, inspiration and social change. You’ll read about a Florida medical center where dance brings Parkinson’s patients joy and increased mobility. In Detroit, art therapists help cancer patients reconstruct their sense of identity and find expression for painful emotions. In Los Angeles, professional symphony musicians give joyous performances in concert with people devastated by poverty, addiction and trauma. And in Milwaukee, actors and caregivers collaborate with people with dementia to perform plays and to produce art exhibits and books, bringing fresh life to care facilities.

In our challenging world today, what we need is a whole lot of creativity—along with a bunch of love. I’m always inspired when I read about creative solutions to resolve conflicts, address climate change and address so many other personal and social dilemmas. Perhaps some of the answers we are looking for lie deep within each of us. Let’s take more time this month to access our inner muse for creative insights and whisperings for the benefit of all. 

Shine Brightly,

Sharon Bruckman