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The Personal, Environmental and Financial Rewards of Going Solar

Jun 01, 2021 10:55AM ● By Linda Sechrist

At the age of 43, Oscar Vazquez, now a Naples resident, began traveling frequently to Florida looking to change his life and find a career with meaning and purpose. An eye-opening experience led him to change jobs and begin applying his 25 years of experience in engineering, sales support, financial services, business management and customer service to promote solar energy and sustainable energy as an independent consultant for Powur. The public benefit corporation is accelerating the adoption of sustainable energy worldwide. 

“Making a difference is essential to me, and now I can do that. I started my own LLC business as an independent solar Consultant and eventually became affiliated with Powur, a national leader in solar energy sales and installation with a mission to become the largest clean energy platform on the planet. At its foundation, Powur is a fully certified B-Corporation with a legal initiative to do good for the environment and society. Money from every installation goes to preserving millions of acres of the Amazon rainforest. It was also the first solar company to offset 100 percent of the emissions from the solar manufacturing process,” advises Oscar Vazquez founder/owner of Sol-A Solar Energy Group based in Naples.

As an independent consultant, Vazquez has access to more product options to fit his clients’ expectations and budget, more finance options and lower rates, and access to exact dealer costs. “Basically, I help customers to save money on their purchase price and finance costs, as well as offer them our referral program which helps homeowners earn $1,000 for each referral that goes solar. This puts cash money in their pockets to pay down their own system or use for anything they want. This free program is also open to non-customers,” says Vazquez. 

Vazquez enjoys his work, appreciates the ongoing training and mentoring that Powur provides, and loves helping families secure their homes, reduce pollution and save money. He also loves the opportunity to educate potential clients regarding the long-term financial benefits of solar. “The majority of people that I speak with are unaware that solar panel costs have fallen significantly in recent years and that solar increases the value of a home. . Think of the value of electricity and how much you spend on it a month.  Solar is a way to save or even eliminate some costs. It’s always a real eye-opener when homeowners learn that they can get zero-down financing and take out a low interest loan for up to 25 years,” says Vazquez. 

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