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Honoring the Masculine

Jun 01, 2021 10:10AM ● By Sharon Bruckman

My daughter, who lost her father more than a decade ago in her early 20s, reminded me recently how differently her dad would have responded to a situation she was dealing with. Although she appreciates my gentle, sometimes wise guidance, she still craves her dad’s frank, unabashed and masculine insights.

Kids that have both of their parents to love, guide and support them into their later years are lucky. I lost my father early, too. If my dad had taken better care of his health, chances are he would have been in my life longer. I never did get the chance to know either of my grandfathers.

So listen up men, we need you to take better care of yourselves! Statistics show that compared
to women, American men die five years earlier on average, in part because they eat worse, smoke more, drink harder, exercise less and suffer more injuries. They are also notoriously difficult to get into a doctor’s office.

In this month’s feature story, “Integrative Health for Men: Natural Approaches for Robust Vitality,” Ronica O’Hara shares ways that men can take better control of their health using the mind-body focus of integrative approaches. Using a range of modalities from medications to herbal remedies and dietary strategies, integrative doctors share how men can holistically and effectively treat the most common health concerns and enjoy more years of robust vitality. See page 28.

From the first time I met lean and healthy-looking holistic pediatrician Brian Thornburg, I wished he had been around to help guide me and my kids when they were growing up. I also wondered how differently my parents might have raised us eight siblings if they had been exposed to the health practices and parenting skills of Dr. Thornburg, who happens to have eight children of his own. This month we learn how Marshall Rosenberg’s Non-Violent Communication courses have helped Thornburg improve his own parenting and communication skills. See page 40.

I always enjoy visiting with internationally known chef Saloman (Sal) Montezinos when I run into him at Food & Thought organic café and market. His book on the benefits
of eating a raw, alkaline diet caught my attention at the checkout counter one day, and upon meeting the fit and vibrant octogenarian, it was obvious that Sal walks his talk. His longevity insights for a healthy mind, body and soul are truly inspiring, as are his cooking classes and small group, in-home dinner party meal preparations. Learn more on page 26.

With this issue, we hope to motivate and guide our male readers, providing ways to live healthier, more vibrant lives so we can enjoy their company longer. To fathers everywhere, Happy Father’s Day, and to all men, thank you for the important roles you play in our lives as providers, warriors, lovers, mentors and best friends. Stay healthy!

Happy Summer Solstice, 

Sharon Bruckman