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Thermal Imaging Screening Reveals Hidden Secrets

Apr 30, 2021 04:58PM ● By Taryn Brandt

The Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging Women’s Health Check (WHC) is a 30-minute non-invasive test of physiology. This valuable report alerts a healthcare practitioner to changes that can indicate developing pathology and dysfunction. With WHC, breast, OB-GYN, thyroid, endocrine, visceral and autonomic status are evaluated, providing a holistic view of overall health and future risk levels that can be used as an important part of a preventative health program. 

WHC is a way for women to be proactive in maintaining their health and preventative with issues that can be improved. It is also excellent at providing an opportunity to intervene with any findings that justify further testing.

A WHC report provides risk factors so an individual can take positive action to improve their overall wellness with everything from lifestyle changes to holistic treatment or even medical intervention. WHC focuses on the following regions:

Head and Neck 

The head and neck views that are graded in WHC include sinuses, arteries, dental, thyroid, lymphatic and autonomic, as well as any indication of inflammation or infection that can affect the immune system. Vascular and inflammatory findings can provide a warning before symptoms develop, arteries become inflamed and occlusion becomes clinically significant.

Breast Health

WHC includes additional findings relating to physiological changes in the breasts and is an important piece of the breast screening puzzle. Breast health is integral to women’s holistic wellness, as well as an early indicator of developing pathology.


Abdominal findings include colon inflammation that can indicate irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut, diverticulitis and other risk factors that justify colonoscopy or preventative treatment.


A loss of normal temperature gradients throughout the body can indicate autonomic disease or dysfunction such as early-stage diabetic changes.

OB-GYN and Reproductive 

Ovarian inflammation can be associated with hormonal dysfunction, polycystic syndrome, inflammatory pelvic disease and endometriosis.

All Women Benefit from WHC Screening

Functional health encompasses so many potential areas that affect women of every age and medical history that a holistic approach is needed to make sense of the individual’s history and symptoms, as well as the physiological testing results provided by a digital infrared thermal imaging women’s health check. This scan addresses age-related challenges and findings that may indicate autonomic/autoimmune dysfunction, endocrine/adrenal system dysfunction, vascular, lymphatic and breast health dysfunction. All of these issues are pivotal to the overall health of women of any age. Thermography screening is non-invasive, painless and radiation-free.

Taryn Brandt, CCT level III, is the owner of Southwest Medical Thermal Imaging & Ultrasound, LLC, with locations at 9200 Bonita Beach Rd., Ste. 213, in Bonita Springs, 7680 Cambridge Manor Pl., Ste. 100, in Ft. Myers and 1570 Colonial Blvd., Ste. A, in Ft. Myers. For more information on WHC and medical thermography risk assessment, call 239-949-2011 or visit