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Local Holiday Gifts for Uplifting the Spirit You Can Find in South West Florida

Nov 27, 2020 01:13PM ● By Linda Sechrist

While the 2020 holiday season looms large, Natural Awakenings is noticing a growing trend toward the selection of more simple and meaningful gifts intended to renew and uplift the spirit. Perhaps even more than in years before, with deeply felt gratitude for our friends and family, we appear to be focusing more of our thoughts inward, counting the smallest of blessings, opening our hearts to perform simple acts of kindness and choosing gifts that serve as meaningful reminders. To make shopping a local experience, we turned to several Naples and Fort Myers retailers that offer spirit-lifting gifts.

Salt Therapy Grotto, Naples

 It’s all about Himalayan pink crystal salt at the Salt Therapy Grotto. A family member or friend that receives a gift certificate for a series of therapeutic sessions of halotherapy, which constitutes inhaling antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties of Himalayan salt, might easily be convinced to indulge on a regular basis. Natural, 100 percent safe and drug-free, halotherapy provides long-term relief. 

The Salt Therapy Grotto provides halotherapy in addition to other wellness services that contribute to the general improvement of the physical health and well-being. Other enjoyable and beneficial services are the infrared sauna and a red light therapy bed.

Cambridge Square Plaza, 3443 Pine Ridge Rd. Ste. 102 Naples. 239-598-0990.

 Thoughtful Threads, Naples

 Whether it’s a soft, organic, cotton outfit, robe, pillow or cozy cotton blanket, Thoughtful Threads provides a sophisticated and comfortable array of the highest-quality organic and sustainable products available. The gift of organic cotton in any form bestows luxurious comfort upon the recipient. It’s also an investment in the environment. A durable and natural fiber that holds up better than any synthetic material, the sleekly soft and smooth feel of cotton is the result of several factors, including the type of cotton, weave style and thread count. After the recipient has had a night of delicious sleep on scrumptiously soft cotton sheets and is curled up in a warm, snuggly cotton bathrobe reading the Sunday paper or a good book with their favorite coffee mug in hand, they’ll silently thank the giver.

2144 Tamiami Tr. N., Naples. 239-213-2222.

Food and Thought -  2132 Tamiami Trail N Naples Naples FL

Food and Thought - 2132 Tamiami Trail N Naples, Naples, FL

100% Organic Cafe, Juice Bar, Grocery & Clothing Store Established in 2004, Food and Thought offers only the highest quality organic produce and groceries, fresh juices, real milksha... Read More » 


Path of Being, Fort Myers

 Salt scrubs, tools for smudging ceremonies and statuary that represent enlightened beings such as Kwan Yin are just some of the treasures that Path of Being carries. Specifically, during the hectic holiday season when we fall short of completing tasks on a long shopping list, we can use the compassion of Kwan Yin, who in Asian countries is known for her benevolence and a heart that reaches out to those in need.

Beautiful gemstone mala beads can complement a meditation practice, helping the meditator to redirect the mind, slow respiration and encourage well-being. Scented candles infused with crystals add ambiance and energy to any room, while colored, chakra-influenced candle lamps add beauty and focus to any altar.

15248 S. Tamiami Tr., Ste. 300. 239-437-5141.


Mystical Moon, Bonita Springs and Fort Myers

 Dedicated to offering the highest in conscious living and spiritual items that aid spiritual and personal growth, Mystical Moon specializes in healing services, classes and items such as pyramid candles, aromatic room sprays, special teas that can help individuals on their spiritual journey and similar items.

The aromatic alchemy of unique pyramid candles infused with essential oils, charms and crystals are also crafted with selenite-infused wax and made with phthalate-free ingredients and a natural hemp wick. They burn for 75-plus hours.

Room sprays made with exotic essential oils such as frankincense, patchouli and rosemary, believed to heighten intuition, are also infused with reiki energy and moonstones. Teas made only with biodynamic ingredients can add a deeply satisfying moment to any “me time” experience.

8951 Bonita Beach Rd., Ste. 255, Bonita Springs. 239-301-0655. 8890 Salrose Ln., Ste. 107, Ft. Myers. 239-939-3339.


Goddess I AM, Naples

 A conscious living and metaphysical store that offers spiritual tools to uplift and empower, Goddess I Am has collections of physical, intellectual and spiritual metaphysical tools to enrich the journey of life and uplift the individual seeking a path of enlightenment and self-discovery. From statuary to magical scents and oils, as well pendulums, ritual candles and healing jewelry, there is a wide selection of items to choose from. The results of a worldwide search for high-quality gemstones to enhance the home, as well as sterling silver jewelry selections, are generously and beautifully displayed, appealing to even the most discriminating taste.

Infused into beauty products, displayed in homes and yoga studios and crafted into candles, jewelry and even water bottles because of their healing energy, a variety of beautiful crystals and gemstones in a kaleidoscope of colors will interest the beginner and advanced meditator or healer. 

600 Goodlette Rd., 239-228-6949.


Silver Eagle Gallery, Naples

 At Silver Eagle Gallery, shoppers will find an extensive gem and mineral gallery, as well as a large and impressive collection of Native American art and Native American jewelry for women and men from the American Southwest. The symbolism in the art of Native Americans represents their beliefs, honors their families and brings beauty to the world.

The timelessness and eye-catching beauty of blue-green turquoise, honed by the fine craftsmanship of Native American jewelers, will impress the shopper considering a selection from among the wide variety of exquisite pendants, bracelets, earrings, belt buckles, necklaces and rings, as well as other items such as dreamcatchers. The authentic Native American version in the Ojibwa (Chippewa) tribe was used as a charm to protect sleeping children from nightmares. The legend is that bad dreams got caught in the dream catcher’s web.

850 Fifth Ave. S., 239-403-3033.


Lotus Blossom Clinic, Fort Myers

 Chocolate lovers will relish David Wolfe’s Sacred Chocolate—the mystical union of raw cacao and medicinal herbs that reduces inflammation and boosts circulation, energy, mood and immunity. Displayed in a double-door entry wine cooler dedicated to the highest-quality, raw chocolates with no preservatives, the Sacred Chocolate, free of soy, dairy, GMO, gluten and cane sugar, is packaged in beautiful, small, gold tins. Choose from several chocolate recipes such as Immune Mushroom, made with Chinese powdered herbs from 10 medicinal mushrooms; Holy Hemp, with CBDA; and Longevity, with xanthohumol, a phytochemical from hops which extends the life of telomeres.

6710 Winkler Rd. Ste. 2, Fort Myers. 239-277-1399.

Lotus Blossom Clinic LLC - 6710 Winkler Road Ste 23 Fort Myers FL

Lotus Blossom Clinic, LLC - 6710 Winkler Road Ste 23, Fort Myers, FL

Why Choose Us? We are Established. – We have served the Fort Myers Community since 2007. Our Holistic Clinic offers a variety of Natural, Alternative Healing modalities, and our provider... Read More » 


Natural Awakenings Lee/ Collier County wishes everyone a Happy and Healthy holiday season!