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Lotus Blossom Clinic Launches New HOPE Program

Co-owners and natural medicine teachers Dr. David Martin and Deb Martin, along with other healing practitioners at the Fort Myers-based Lotus Blossom Clinic, are launching a new, three-part offering, HOPE: Creating a Personal Health & Wellness Vision. The program will debut from 1 to 2:30 p.m., August 29, on the YouTube Spoonful Experiences channel offering helpful information on many subjects, and on the clinic’s Facebook page with groups forming afterward to provide ongoing support and continue the momentum.

“As we move forward, looking to create a ‘new normal,’ what area of your life needs some attention and change?” says Deb Martin. “Do you need a change in eating choices? Maybe a full body reboot? How about your sleep patterns―are they healthy? Use this time of change and for many, deep reflection, as well as sadness and loss. Convert this to a new vision to energy and give you a trajectory.”

Admission is free. Location: 6710 Winkler Rd., Ste. 2. For more information, preregister (suggested) and a list of program focus areas, call 239-277-1939 or visit or Facebook. 



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