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Folsom-Martin Joins Wellbridges Health Center

Folsom-Martin Joins Wellbridges Health Center

Valerie Folsom-Martin, licensed clinical social worker, functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner, certified mental health integrative medicine provider, certified holistic health counselor, and president and founder of Synergy Health Solutions, recently joined Deborah Post, holder of master of science in nursing and advanced practice registered nurse, of Wellbridges Health Center, in Bonita Springs. 

Folsom-Martin is a mental health professional who, in addition to traditional psychotherapy, uses functional lab testing to get to the root cause of psychological symptoms. Her goal is to educate clients on how nutrient deficiencies and hormone imbalances may contribute to their symptoms. Her integrative approach assists clients in finding natural alternatives for symptom relief. She doesn’t oppose the use of medication if necessary. Creating multiple options for healing gives hope and potential healing for the future when often medication for life is all that is offered by more conventional practices.  

Synergy Health Solutions joins clients on their health journey to discover the root cause of their health issues and nurture their innate potential to achieve optimum health and happiness through “synergizing” the mind, body and spirit for ultimate results.

Location: 9200 Bonita Beach Rd. For more information, call 239-260-1978, email [email protected] or visit 

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