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Summer Detox with Yoga in Nature

To beat the summer heat, consider practicing Yoga in Nature with gentle, family and intermediate yoga classes from Tuesdays through Sundays in the outdoor Peace Pavilion of the Happehatchee Center, in Estero. The park is open during classes and on Fridays, so visitors can also simply sit on a bench in the butterfly garden, walk the labyrinth, watch birds, meditate by the Estero River or experience forest bathing.

It’s well known that increased warmth can aid in burning calories, increase flexibility and increase heart rate and metabolism. Exercising outdoors can help detoxify the system and requires us to drink more fluids. When we drink plenty of water, our bodies naturally detoxify tissues/cells and clear the waste more readily from the body. This helps our gastrointestinal, urinary and cardiovascular systems work more efficiently. Yoga is known to have an array of health benefits, including stress relief and increased happiness.

Location: 8971 Corkscrew Rd. For more information including on yoga class costs and times, visit or Facebook.

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