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Certified Muscle System Specialists Alleviate Pain

Mar 29, 2019 11:53AM ● By Jay Weitzner

The most common words that the majority of individuals use when talking with their doctor or therapist about pain are hurt, ouch, sharp, dull, achy and burning. A certified muscle system specialist (CMSS), which is an exercise professional with specific education and training that leverages the relationship between the qualities of an individual’s muscle system and how they feel, views pain as an information management issue with words as the information indicating something is wrong.

To a CMSS, pain is simply a conclusion of the body based on the quality of all of the information it has or is missing. Persistent pain associated with bodily movement or position maintenance such as standing or lying down or that can’t be easily explained, linked or blamed on something specific may be resolved by changing the quality of information flow and control within the body.

In order to change the information flow within the body, a CMSS uses specifically targeted exercises to those parts of the body’s control system that seem to have lost some control. Improved control of the body may

Jay Weitzner
Jay Weitzner
equal improved information management via the restoration and removal of information.

Movement and position maintenance require lots of information. Because muscles are the only way to move the body and hold it in positions such as standing, swinging a golf club or walking stairs, it makes sense to assess the ability of an individual’s muscles to create and sustain movement and position control. The difficulty lies in the reality that there are hundreds of muscles and an infinite number of ways to move and hold positions.

A CMSS acts much like a forensic investigator and field scientist. By conducting a thorough interview and taking specific samples of the body’s control system, the CMSS can start targeting the areas where muscle control has lower quality—poor information management—and initiate a systematic and progressive process of targeted exercise. These exercises work to improve the information flow via an individual’s muscle control, which may lead to the body concluding no more pain, ouch, or hurt.

Jay Weitzner, co-owner of Symmetry Muscle System Care, located at 1750 J&C Blvd., Ste. 10, in Naples, is a certified muscle system specialist and a certified medical exercise specialist. To schedule a consultation or for more information, call 239-940-2121 or visit

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