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Hylunia Facial with Aromatherapy Chakra Balancing Treatment

The all-organic day spa at Organic Skincare & Bodyworx, in Naples, offers clients a safe space in which to relax and rejuvenate, as well as six organic skincare lines and unique facial opportunities that pamper the skin.

While it may be challenging to choose from the Hylunia menu of plant-derived, irritant-free facials—chocolate facial, glycolic exfoliation facial and vitamin C facial—it’s a no-brainer to top any one of these off with a soul soothing signature aromatherapy add-on, which includes therapeutic-grade essential oils chosen to nurture, activate, balance and harmonize the energy centers of the body.

Essential oil blends applied to the chakras

Root Chakra (muladhara), is located at the base of the spine and responds to vetiver, ylang ylang and frankincense.

Sacral (svadhistana), two inches below the naval, responds to jasmine, coriander, sweet orange and patchouli.

Solar Plexus (manipura), in the upper abdomen, responds to a blend of sweet fennel, spearmint, black pepper and grapefruit.

Heart (anahata) in the center of the chest; rose, cardamom, neroli/orange blossom flower and clary sage warm and open the heart.

Throat (vishuda) is the center for self-expression and responds to clove, lemon and bergamot.

Third Eye (ajna) is located between the eyes. This energy center is the gateway to intuition and spiritual understanding, and responds to sweet basil, myrrh, lime and lemongrass.

Crown (sahasrara) is connected to consciousness, transcendence and thought. It responds to nutmeg, sandalwood, rose and juniper berry, which can harmonize and restore a sense of oneness and unity.

Chocolate decadence facial

This natural antioxidant facial stimulates the senses and improves mood. The alpha hydroxy acids exfoliate and stimulate cell renewal.

Glycolic exfoliation facial

This deep, results-oriented facial removes the buildup of dead skin cells, revealing a smoother texture and more even skin tone.

Vitamin C peel facial

This non-irritating, non-invasive procedure adds smoothness and tone to even the most problematic skin. It lifts and firms, combats the effect of harsh environmental aggressors,and returns radiance to a dulling complexion.

 Organic Skincare and Bodyworx is located at 13240 Tamiami Tr. N., Ste. 207, in Naples. For appointments, call 239-514-4494. For more information, visit

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