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For Goodness Sake: Makes it Easy to Navigate Healthy Living

Café managers Lisa Ji and Tracy Roskuski

When Bruce Ford purchased For Goodness Sake, on Bonita Beach Road, in Bonita Springs, he decided to approach the layout and organization of the store in a more logical and user-friendly way. The new design features seven stations based on lifestyle and health goals; something he would have appreciated when he began shopping for solutions to his own health challenges.

“From my experience, individuals frequently enter a health food store and search through aisles and shelves, pick up bottles and read labels. They either spend too much time looking for whatever it is that they came for, or they become frustrated and leave without purchasing anything,” says Ford, who retained the store’s educated and experienced employees.


While good health starts with eating right, organic herbs and plants can offer the therapeutic benefits of a second line of defense.

Brain Smarts

Known as “smart pills”, nootropics are supplements that contain key ingredients for long-term brain health and improved cognition performance. They help alleviate brain fog and enhance brain cognition function.

Fountain of Youth

In response to today’s focus on living healthier longer, a variety of anti-aging solutions are available in supplements such as resveratrol, nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD), and collagen products that can enhance the quality of life and perhaps extend it.

The Inflammation Station

Inflammation is the root cause of all disease. A variety of supplements, including turmeric curcumin, the ancient spice now used to promote joint health, and CBD products that target the endocannabinoid system in the body are just two of the products that can help to reduce inflammation and provide pain relief.

Gut Check

The stomach operates symbiotically with good forms of bacteria for the digestion of food, regulation of hormones, creation of serotonin and daily elimination. A wide variety of probiotics and fiber products, as well as stomach enzymes, are available to help promote gut health.


Our health is predetermined to some extent by genetics, and many individuals today have an ancient genome which is challenged by modern processed food sources. Remarkable things can happen to the body when good saturated fats like Bullet Proof Brain Octane and grass-fed butter are consumed and the body is relieved of the trauma of fighting foods it is not equipped to digest.


The bio-hacking station offers home kits to help determine an individual’s current state of heath in the areas of blood sugar, cholesterol, hormones, toxins, and more. After interpretation by a medical professional, Ford can offer solutions to make a better you.

In addition to the stations, the store carries fresh fruits and vegetables grown without pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and toxins. “We know the farmers who supply us and we review government reports on the produce to ensure quality. We stock seasonal produce and fresh honey from East Fork Creek Gardens, in Fort Myers, a natural aquaponics farm with a balanced ecosystem,” says Ford, who notes that the fresh produce is used in the Grab n’ Go deli that operates from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily.

Ford explains, “Our fresh organic soups, in particular, are a perfect option to take home for a healthy dinner. We offer them in decorative mason jars. Our café managers Lisa Ji and Tracy Roskuski have introduced energy bites, filled with nutritious goodies like dates and spirulina, to our deli counter. These make a great add on to any sandwich wrap.”

For Goodness Sake is located at 9118 Bonita Beach Rd. For more information, call 239-992-5838 or visit

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