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Letter from Publisher: A Pound of Prevention

I often reflect upon how blessed I am when I hear about anyone living with chronic pain. After falling down a stair exiting a yoga class building last fall and fracturing my ankle, I feel even deeper sympathy for those coping with painful limitations, sometimes for years. I’m happy to report that I joyfully climbed those same steps just a few months later to reclaim the immense benefits my yoga practice brings in my bid to stay healthy and flexible in body, mind and spirit.

When I was in my early 20s, I resolved to do whatever I could to avoid repeating the health conditions I saw my parents dealing with; they were already taking prescribed medications in their 40s and 50s. The more I learned about the benefits of eating natural foods and living a healthy lifestyle, the more inspired I became to implement ideas that appeared radical to my family. I still remember Dad rolling his eyes as he teased me about some new “rabbit food” on my plate or my twice-a-day, 20-minute meditations, which took priority over everything else.

Once my parents turned 60 (my current decade) and their list of meds grew even longer, things started falling apart big time. Dad had a stroke at 68 and passed a year later from other health issues. Mom’s heart problems seemed chronic and she underwent hip and knee replacement surgeries; she relied on a variety of pain medications for years before passing at 92.

Watching them suffer for so long before saying good-bye has added to my determination to continue doing the kinds of things that keep me pain-free and healthy, including a plant-based diet, regular exercise, massage, acupuncture and chiropractic care. This month’s two featured articles on chronic pain relief promise to provide anyone that feels stuck for options with exciting tools that offer new hope.

One of the many things I love about working with this magazine is that I get to hear stories of how people that had suffered for years with chronic pain and its ravaging effects on the body one day discovered a particular holistic treatment that resonated with them and voila; they were not only healed, but hooked on learning more about how to lead a naturally healthy lifestyle for ongoing well-being.    

This Father’s Day, I will again think of my dad doing cartwheels at family weddings and the many ways he was such a blessing to my life. One of his biggest gifts was how to enjoy life and the importance of surrounding ourselves with loving friends and family. I realize now just how important these health-giving insights are.

To a free-wheeling happy and healthy summer,

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Sharon Bruckman, Publisher

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