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Living La Vida Yoga

Oct 31, 2016 01:40PM ● By Linda Sechrist

Alan Lowenschuss (Allowah Lani)

From his early teens Alan Lowenschuss’s (Allowah Lani) love of philosophy, world religions and spirituality began laying the path to his 20-year study of yoga. His Bachelor of Arts and Masters Degree in Philosophy and Liberal Arts from the University of Pennsylvania as well as his postgraduate work in the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah and yoga at New York University, provided the perfect in-depth learning for enhancing what he would eventually teach his students as a certified yoga teacher.

The Kabbalah’s technology of how the universe works at the core level added to Lowenschuss’s evolving and broadening philosophy, deepening his understanding of how he was connected to that which he was seeking. Later, his self-study of the non-sectarian, non-denominational spirituality of A Course in Miracles, a spiritual thought system, added a new language of love and removed any remaining blocks to the awareness of his natural inheritance: love’s presence.

“I use the language and universal spiritual teachings of A Course in Miracles as a way of talking about oneness and non-duality, as well as a way of helping students of Yoga University and our yoga retreats to understand our Truly Helpful Yoga philosophy. Founder of Yoga University, Lowenschuss brings his uniquely well-rounded personal experience from more than 20 years of study and practice to the traditional history and philosophy of yoga, Sanskrit, asana, pranayama, kirtan, meditation and yoga as a way of life, which are aspects sometimes missing from yoga teacher training certification courses today.  

“I am trying to lead people to the root of yoga rather than addressing the external world and the stories that we tell ourselves. I want to help people connect to their source and make sure that they see yoga for all that it is. Although I avoid being dogmatic and giving students a set method, I do give them basic guidelines and principles to follow. I encourage my students to develop their own way of teaching and practice. I prefer to let them think for themselves, ask questions and come to their own conclusions,” he explains.

“I feel it’s my job to expose people to the very wide and fascinating world of yoga and its many different teachings, styles and paths. Our upcoming 200-hour yoga teacher certification training at the House of Prayer in Alva, Florida this December will be the next opportunity to do this,” advises Lowenschuss.

The upcoming Make Light of Everything Yoga & Wellness Retreat at Pura Vida Retreat and Spa in Costa Rica, beginning December 31, is also a celebration of Lowenschuss’s book, Who Am I?: Yoga, Psychedelics & The Quest for Enlightenment as well as Truly Helpful's first CD offering, Heart 'n' Hands.

“The latter part of the Costa Rica retreat is a way of tuning more deeply into our own inner music and to access our unique offerings. By the end of our time together, hopefully all participants will learn to lighten up, laugh, love, and live with infectious joy. More importantly, I’m intending that they will feel inspired to truly live ‘la vida yoga’ and reap the great benefits of this ancient, time-honored practice and way of life. The most special part of the retreat will be the loving community that we co-create together,” enthuses the co-founder of the Naples Kirtan Community.

Yoga University, an initiative of Truly Helpful, offers weekly yoga classes and breath work sessions. A 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training immersion at the House of Prayer Retreat Center located at 17880 Cypress Creek Rd. in Alva begins on Dec. 9. For more information call 844-723-5683 or visit

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