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New Practice Offers Free Kinesiology Muscle Testing Session

Keith L. Minchew, a diplomate of pastoral science, certified nutritional consultant and member of the Pastoral Medical Association, is offering a one-hour introductory muscle testing (kinesiology) session this month at his new Enlightened Health & Vitality Center practice, located at 8891 Brighton Lane, Suite 107, in Bonita Springs. The sessions can yield greater understanding of the uniqueness of the body and uncover what might be the root cause of health issues, helping clients find alternative approaches to improving health and vitality.

“Everything has its own energy or vibration, so it’s important to know what influences on our bodies are resonant or dissonant,” says Minchew. “Our bodies are unique. Through our screening process, there may be a specific unresolved fungus, bacteria, parasite, metal, chemical or food stressor that may be the underlying cause of other health challenges. Many times it may show up before it shows up in lab tests.”

Admission is free. For more information or to arrange for a session, call 239-390-3177, email [email protected] or visit

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