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Finding True Wealth

Oct 30, 2015 08:50AM

Lynn Thomas

As Judith Fertig points out this month in “True Wealth,” we cannot look to our physical life of paradoxes and fluctuating net worth as the source of our happiness. Instead, we must choose lasting wealth, reevaluate life goals, invest in community, make time an asset, realign our overall expenses with our changing values and give a high priority to our health. Natural Awakenings tapped some local experts to find out how they help others to discover their sources of real wealth.

Founder of Concerned Health Alternatives, Registered Nurse Lynn Thomas is a certified hypnotherapist who uses regression to take patients back to early sensitizing events that can result in later negative responses. “I help them deal with their triggers on a subconscious level, neutralizing and clearing their history, which generally creates a natural pathway for discovering their true wealth. After my recent health scare, which was totally unnecessary, I have an even deeper appreciation for releasing these triggers and how much lighter and more free anyone can feel when they recognize and release them,” says Thomas.

Renewed appreciation for her true wealth was exactly what Thomas felt upon receiving the negative results of a colonoscopy. When the cancer survivor of more than 40 years followed

Peggy Walsh
Peggy Walsh
her gastroenterologist’s orders and had a Colorguard DNA test, she sent her sample for analysis to the parent company, Exact Sciences Corporation. “I was shocked when it came back positive for colon cancer, which was why I booked my 18th colonoscopy and actually began thinking that this time I was going to cross into the spirit world. The excruciating three-week wait and undue stress made me aware of my own 40-year old trigger,” she notes.

Peggy Walsh, a board-certified clinical nurse specialist, helps her clients find happiness within and in their relationship by introducing them to Gottman Method Couples Therapy, a process which teaches couples how to be better friends and lovers. They learn how to have dialogue and the importance of communicating admiration, acknowledgement, appreciation, affection and playfulness. “Tomorrow is promised to no one,” says Walsh. “By really being present to your partner as they are and treasuring what they bring to you, happiness emerges.”

Barbara Cook
Barbara Cook
Barbara Cook, founder of BioLight Medicine, encourages her students of light medicine to feel the happiness that comes from living in the present, with an eye toward an imminent future where their inherent gifts and talents used to create kindness and abundance for all will become more highly valued. “Any benefit that magnifies good opens up an energetic pathway where abundance can flow freely. To date, this abundance hasn’t always materialized in the form of money. However, I believe that a movement is growing where feelings and acts of kindness and compassion will allow one to trust in heartfelt feelings and thoughts, as well as to share and give from a place of felt abundance. Happiness and increased true wealth are the side effects of giving from the heart. As one volunteers their time to increase another's true wealth, the giver is simultaneously receiving and being supported with love, the most valued gift of all,” enthuses Cook.

Fred Eppsteiner
Fred Eppsteiner
When Fred Eppsteiner counseled members of his Florida Community of Mindfulness through dharma talks during the economic downturn that began in 2008, he noted that money and other accumulated stuff should not be part of what they considered their true wealth. “I asked them to make a list of 20 things that generated a feeling of happiness. Much to their surprise, money was not on their lists. By practicing their capacity to be present to the simple things in life that generated feelings of happiness—the sky, trees, flowers, sunrise, sunset, a good meal, friends, family, loving kindness, reading, a good movie and their spiritual and meditative life—they were able to navigate their difficulties and grasp a solid understanding of where their real wealth and true value is found,” says Eppsteiner.

“I didn’t say that the means to provide for yourself or your family wasn’t important. I simply suggested that they shift their focus to things of the heart/mind that are readily available to anyone, even those who don’t have a spiritual practice,” he remarks.

Local Resources

Concerned Health Alternatives, 239-494-1363.

Peggy Walsh, Brooks Executive Center, 9990 Coconut Rd., Bonita Springs. 718-208-6986. [email protected].

Barbara Cook, 801 Anchor Rode Dr., Ste. 203, Naples. 239-777-4578.

Florida Community of Mindfulness conducts weekly sittings at 6:30 p.m. Sun., Bala Vinyasa Yoga, 6200 Trail Blvd., Naples.

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