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Chiropractic—a Golfer’s Boon

Sep 30, 2015 07:47AM ● By Lee Walker

Dr. Vivian Ebert

According to the latest study by the National Golf Foundation, there are an estimated 28.6 million golfers in the U.S. above the age of 6. According to The Southwest Visitor’s Guide, our area’s nearly 150 courses, and many more in the planning stages, easily qualify the region as the golf capital of the world, with more golf holes per capita than anywhere else in the U.S.

“The opportunity to be outside and participate in a highly social sport that is sometimes the basis for forming lasting friendships draws many individuals who are physically unprepared to play the game, particularly regarding one of the most important physical aspects—a player’s swing. Known as one of the most demanding and complex movements in all sports, an efficient swing requires a highly coordinated mobilization and stabilizing of several different body parts. If not trained correctly, golfers can be at a serious risk of injury,” says Vivian Ebert, DC, owner of Living Well Chiropractic, in Naples.

Structurally, the body demands mobility in the golf swing. The joints in the spine act much like hinges on a door. If one hinge is not working properly, the other hinges take on more work. Over time, the other hinges wear out prematurely simply because the first impaired hinge was not restored to its proper working function. The spine is similar. If the mid-back is not moving as it should, the low back and neck have to work harder to pick up the slack. Although this may initially mean some errant shots, it inevitably leads lead to pain and premature degeneration (arthritis) of the spine in overworked areas. Adjusting the mid-back before a more serious problem develops can mean avoiding irreparable damage to the spine.

Golf fitness, taught by professionals at the Titleist Golf Performance Institute, in Oceanside, California, where high-profile tour pros learn to sync their golf swings with their own particular physical limitations, is essential. Although it’s not necessary to look like a bodybuilder, a player will find far more enjoyment when he or she is fit to play the game at the highest level and do so without causing injury.

The type of fitness required to play golf is more about understanding how a body’s limitations can influence the golf swing and how to address those limitations through any of the proper channels—swing instruction, physical rehabilitation or strength and conditioning exercise. It’s also about understanding the latest technology and how it can be implemented to increase performance.

Functionally, golfers demand the utmost precision, as well as a sense of being connected to their whole body during their game. Chiropractors are a boon to players in all sports, but most particularly golf, because their work on the spine impacts the nervous system with adjustments of the spinal joints. “It is not uncommon for players to report that after an adjustment they played a better game of golf. The nervous system is in control of all the body’s functions and movements. Keeping it in top shape through adjustments should be high on every golfer’s priority list,” advises Ebert, who attended the Titleist Golf Performance Institute.

Living Well Chiropractic is located at 10020 Coconut Rd., Ste. 134, in Bonita Springs. 239-498-2225. LivingWellFL.Com.

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