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Letter from Publisher: An Ageless Mindset

Never let an old person live in your body.
~ Christiane Northrup

Tuning into this month’s Agelessness theme. I thought about the ways that I’ve been keeping myself young this summer. As these photos show, playing with loved ones in nature’s beautiful settings has been a big part of it, and I’m grateful for it all.

I’ll celebrate a milestone birthday this month, unless I heed Dr. Christiane Northrup’s advice in Kathleen Barnes’ feature article, “Ageless Being,” on page 40. Northrup insists that we drop our cultural obsession with chronological age and reveals plenty of evidence of why it truly does not have to indicate biological age.

Paddle Boarding in MichiganAs I’ve watched friends and family members mature, I’ve seen some retain their youth, health, and vitality, while others accept the societal mindset about health challenges, limited mental agility and age-appropriate activities.

As I rejoice in experiencing the age-defying benefits of a slew of healthy daily habits in sync with research cited in this month’s issue, I am also witnessing rebellious friends likewise debunking outdated age-related groupthink. After all, today’s experts observe that 60 is the new 40 with good reason: Americans have added 15 years to midlife.

What if age were primarily a state of mind, reflecting a fundamental belief of what we expect in life? Then, one’s youthfulness—starting with mind, heart and spirit—even if displaced, could be exultantly reclaimed, even to the point of physical manifestations.

Boating and FunI attribute the retention of the youthful spirit I started life out with to living in the moment. Being present to the miracles of life, awed by the adventure and forever curious about its possibilities begets a lively sense of well-being.

As a vital complement, I’ve noticed that my whole being lightens when I drop judgments, complaints and criticisms toward myself and others. Switching to unconditional acceptance and loving regard makes me feel good.

Perhaps most important is taking every opportunity each day to fill my own love tank. When I look in the mirror, I think beautiful thoughts. I treasure my body with good food, exercise and time in nature. The more I do, the more loving compassion flows out to touch others.

I am working on hugging harder, laughing more and being grateful all day long for everything. It takes discipline, but the rewards are well worth it.
Half the fun is being with a tribe of people that embrace an ageless living lifestyle. I love feeling half my age (if that), and on the most essential levels, I’m resolved not to grow older at all. Won’t you join us?

Happy youthing,

sharon Bruckman publisher

Sharon Bruckman, Publisher