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Letter from Publisher: Enlightened Parenting

Jul 31, 2015 02:10PM

Life seemed so much simpler when I was a kid growing up in the 1950s and 60s in a small Midwest town where everyone knew or knew of everyone else. My seven siblings and I biked around town safely without a second thought—and without the need for cell phones to keep our busy parents updated on our whereabouts.

When my husband and I moved to Naples in the early 80s to raise our two kids, many of the personal support networks of the past were absent, and life called for different strategies. Eventual divorce then brought a new slew of unsettling, complex issues to deal with.

I’ve always turned to mentors, books and workshops to help bring a loving consciousness to my personal and parenting journeys. As with any parent, daily interactions with my children provided an honest gauge for the inner child healing work I still had to do.  

In the early 90s I had the opportunity to receive 600 hours of training capped by certification in alchemical hypnotherapy. This modality focuses on rescuing the inner child from trauma, neglect and emotional pain in the past, usually played out in some way in the present. It was enlightening to so powerfully connect with my own inner child, sometimes still waiting to be rescued and loved. This ongoing connection continues to guide my daily interactions with both others and myself.

Sharon and AlinaAs any parent knows, raising children practically demands continual personal and spiritual growth on our part. I’m reminded of a loving e-letter I wrote my grown daughter Alina after a visit a few years ago. I had realized I was projecting my fears about losing my son and my desires for her success in a way that wasn’t always healthy or helpful. I apologized and stated my intention to free her of my agenda and instead wholly acknowledge the incredible, wise, powerful woman she is today. I now trust that she is on her own perfect journey without imposed expectations (although I still have permission to mother her). I felt a great shift take place when I hit the send button.

Our already great relationship has since transformed into an empowering new level of mutual trust, openness and freedom. She started sharing more deeply with me, inviting my input and also valuing it more because she asked for it. As I continue to think of her as powerful and capable, she shines even brighter when we’re together. Mostly, we just have fun!

I hope you are as inspired as I am by this month’s special features centered on Enlightened Parenting (pages 40 to 45). We are blessed to have so many resources to support us all in our individual journeys.

Always let your inner child out to play,

Sharon Bruckman, publisher

Sharon Bruckman, Publisher

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