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An Interview with Leize and David Perlmutter

Jun 30, 2015 10:36AM ● By Linda Sechrist

Dr. David Perlmutter and Leize De Mara Perlmutter, an Alternative Healing Practitioner, have a successful 28-year marriage and two adult children who are thriving in their careers. Life is an adventure for which they continue to show up. Since the moment they met, they have felt guided to keep opening up and listening for what emerges in the present.

David, what are you doing now that you’ve sold your practice?

I’ve been doing many things to promote the game changing concepts in my latest book Brain Maker, which was released on April 28. I filmed a new PBS Brain Maker special, which will air in August. Also, I recently gave an extended lecture on the role of nutrition in health, paticularly how it impacts brain health, to first year medical students at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. I’m puzzled about how I was able to have office hours at the clinic, teach, write Grain Brain, film a PBS show around that, and still get everything done. The time that I once spent at the office now quickly fills up.

At this time Leize and I are in a place of transition. We are creating space to allow what needs to emerge and unfold.

Leize, why did you choose to study at the Four Winds Society, Healing the Light Body School?

In my early 30’s I became deeply interested in alternative healing modalities, which changed the trajectory for my life’s work. Conversations on my first date with David were all about looking outside the box, about the brain and how there is so much more beyond conventional thinking that we weren’t tapping into. In our relationship, both of us are always looking outside box for more information.

Shamanism, energy medicine and Eidetic Imagery, based on the visionary work of Akhter Ahsen Phd., in addition to using Reiki and other modalities were what put me back on my feet after being so ill 25 years ago. Knowing that western medicine didn’t have all the answers was a turning point for David. This time in my life was also the impetus that precipitated my studies in alternative modalities of healing.

I had some very profound experiences while studying shamanism and doing my personal research. Years later, David and I went with Alberto and his wife Marcella to the Amazon Rainforest and the Andes Mountains. And, David and Alberto wrote Power Up Your Brain together.

Have the two of you worked together professionally?

David: We gave a weekend retreat program together in Frankfurt, Germany and the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in Massachusetts. I presented information about the neuroscience of enlightenment. Leize did the experiential hands-on part.

As I watched the weekend unfold and took a step back, I recognized that the weekend was about exactly what our marriage was about. Meanwhile participants were having a wonderful experience and being taken to a new place. They were recognizing that the unconscious events influence their conscious perception day to day and that the unconscious events of their past could be reframed. As Alberto says, we can rewrite our history, our story, so that we can perceive reality now in a different way,

Leize: For several years we have been doing five-day intensives at the Naples clinic. Participants did a medical evaluation, intravenous glutathione and hyperbaric oxygen treatments with David and the nutritional piece with Dee Harris, a nutritionist/dietitian. The intensive portion with me included shamanic and wellness-coaching sessions to help facilitate positive life changes.

In my practice, which includes Eidetic Imagery work and Shamanic Energy practices we are able to look at what unconscious energy patterns are living within us and how they are influencing our life moment-to-moment, and how it is possible to shift the patterns that are not allowing us to reach our fullest potential.

David: We were doing everything to pave the way for neuroplasticity, the ability of brain to change its wiring. We set the stage from a chemical perspective for brain to make changes and then put people in the position where they could initiate those changes within a very fertile environment.

Leize and I feel a deep sense of gratitude about what we’ve individually been able to accomplish and for what we’ve done together.

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