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The Latest Cutting-Edge Technology for Optimal Health and Aging

May 29, 2015 10:05AM

According to the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities Center of Excellence for Nutritional Genomics, at the University of California, Davis, even though the link between food and health is well documented, individuals continue to struggle with how to use nutrition to prevent or delay the onset of diseases such as obesity, Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer.

The unique DNA fingerprints of nearly 319 million adults in the U.S. makes it impossible to create a “one size fits all” solution to our culture’s health and aging challenges. However, with the emerging scientific technology of personalized genetic profiling and nutrigenomics, it is now possible to understand how our lifestyle choices interact with our genetics and influence our body’s functioning. This viable answer for adults—no matter what age or gender—can help individuals achieve personal health goals. The research of nutrigenomics, a branch of nutritional genomics, focuses on identifying and understanding molecular-level interaction of the effects of foods and food constituents on gene expression.

With respect to genetic profiling, only genes associated directly with the physiological functioning of the body for improving fitness, health and nutrition are addressed. The results, when combined with health and risk assessment, can proactively target lifestyle-related health issues such as metabolic management, weight management, diabetes, cardiovascular health, chronic inflammation, bone health, fitness and exercise.  

Once a practitioner receives a printout of an individual’s genetic predispositions, they can use it to personalize targeted health and wellness programs to achieve optimal health.

Dr. Edward Kondrot, owner of Healing the Eye Center, located at 2666 Swamp Cabbage Ct., in Fort Myers, is a certified FitGenes practitioner who uses the results of DNA profiling to treat patients. For more information, call 352-588-0477.

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