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Light as Medicine

May 29, 2015 10:05AM ● By Gizelle Lucci

“The only way that man can grasp the strange and unreal world of light is through the study of photons, the basic unit of light.” ~ William Campbell Douglas, Into the Light: Tomorrow’s Medicine Today

The solitary work of a passionate biomolecular researcher in relentless pursuit of a solution with the potential to allow millions of individuals to unshackle themselves from the possibility of medical bankruptcy due to catastrophic illness fit Barbara Cook like a glove. Zealous about an intuitive knowing, the photonic specialist and owner of Biolight Medicine, in Naples, took a four-year sabbatical to continue research and study in more depth Einstein’s theory of the photoelectric effect, for which he won the 1921 Nobel Prize in physics.

The result of this theory led to the quantum revolution and important steps in understanding the quantum nature of light and electrons. “I knew in my bones that Einstein’s theory was the key to light medicine and the science of good health. Today, quantum physics has proven that the human body emits, communicates with, and is made from, biophotons of light that are invisible to the eye, but detectable via sophisticated modern equipment,” says Cook.

What Cook discovered in her research and hundreds of experiments is that humans are never sick, but rather out of tune, off-balance and vibrating at the wrong resonant frequency. “Health, as well as disease, begins at a cellular level. Cells are not independent of one another. An individual cell that loses its power and normal frequency level, which is what allows it to maintain health, affects surrounding cells that ultimately weaken from resonating with the lesser frequency. This causes energy loss and eventually illness. To a cell, the wrong frequency is like radio static,” advises Cook, whose BioRay LED (light emitting diode) device helps the body’s regenerative and rebalancing capacities.

“The frequency it emits is that of a healthy cell and the particular wave length required for rapid repair of the body. It literally restores the cell’s capacity to return to its original blueprint by boosting the mitochondria of the cell, its power center. I think of it like a cellular reset button,” she notes.

In order to understand the impact that her mind and emotions had on colon cancer, from which she fully recovered without any pharmaceutical support, Cook also studied epigenetics as the field of cellular behavior relates to stem cell biologist Bruce Lipton’s theories in his bestseller, The Biology of Belief. “After I learned that the majority of individuals then lived about the same length of time with or without medical treatment, I declined. A deathbed experience spun my life into balance and instilled me with a sense of purpose and an undeniable mission to teach people how to use the earth sciences to heal themselves and to get conventional medicine to see light medicine is the future of medicine,” enthuses Cook.

Scientists have known for many years that specific wavelengths of light in certain doses can heal, but they are only now uncovering exactly how it works. For example, some wavelengths of blue light can clear stubborn infections, even MRSA, the antibiotic-resistant superbug form of Staphylococcus aureus. Cook is already light years ahead.

“Light, sound, vibrations and frequencies are all earth sciences. In my opinion, it only makes sense that we can heal ourselves with what is our inherent nature and that which we can process with no harmful side effects,” advises Cook, who offers classes, workshops and apprenticeships to teach others how to use light medicine for prevention and wellness.

Biolight Medicine, 801 Anchor Rode Dr., Ste. 203, Naples. For more information, call 239-777-4578 or visit

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