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Letter from Publisher: In a Sea of Nature

Publisher Sharon Bruckman (right) with San Diego Natural Awakenings publisher Elaine Russo.

I’m fresh off the ship from a weeklong vegan cruise at sea. Joined by two of my sisters, several Natural Awakenings publishers, 1,800 new friends and some of the most respected medical doctors in their fields, I found the whole adventure heightening my own ongoing natural awakening.

The keys to longevity, vitality and healing and just about anything that ails you, backed by thousands of scientific studies, convinced me once again that good health is a matter of what’s on our forks and in our minds. Meeting world-renowned expert T. Colin Campbell, author of The China Study, perhaps the most comprehensive research done on the effects of plant-based diets on health, was inspiring. We also enjoyed critiquing the first sneak peek of the enlightening new documentary PlantPure Nation, directed by his son, Nelson Campbell.

Dr. T. Colin Campbell (left), Sharon Bruckman and Nelson Campbell
Dr. T. Colin Campbell (left), Sharon Bruckman and Nelson Campbell
The Campbells begin a two-month nationwide bus tour this month, with rallies to engage communities by bringing attention to the political and economic policies that suppress the most important health breakthroughs of our time. Natural Awakenings is all in, and we invite you to join in the Tampa-St. Petersburg event on Sunday, April 12, to show our support. In the magazine, see page 29 for more information.

At sea, I also enjoyed snorkeling adventures on two of the four Caribbean islands we visited. The immediacy of encountering nature’s wonders under the sea shifted me into a bliss-filled state of awe and became highlights of my week.

We don’t need research to tell us that spending time in nature is good for us, but studies are showing a host of physical and mental health benefits across a broad spectrum of conditions. Discover more in Christine MacDonald’s April feature article, “Nature’s Wisdom: Its Lessons Inspire, Heal and Sustain Us,” on page 44. Connecting with nature trumps almost everything for me. A forest hike or sunset beach walk unfailingly elevates my mood, intuitively balances me and stimulates my imagination. It’s often a spiritual experience.

This month, we naturally highlight Earth Day and urge you to tune into HBO’s new four-part documentary, Saving My Tomorrow, starting April 22. While scientists discuss how climate changes are affecting life on Earth, most of the voices are those of children concerned that they are inheriting a dying planet if adults don’t get their act together big-time and soon. Avery Mack reports on page 48.

Earth Day is so much more than one designated day a year, it’s every day. You’ll find plenty of opportunities for connecting with supportive resources in Southwest Florida at local Earth Day events, listed on page 20. Our thanks go to all those working to spark and strengthen our resolve to step up our own efforts and join our children in improving the legacy we’re leaving them.

To honoring Earth’s glories,

Sharon Bruckman, Publisher

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