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Collier Citizens for Sustainability Requests Community Support

Collier Citizens for Sustainability (CCS) is celebrating its first anniversary. The grassroots organization seeks to encourage dialogue among local government, interest groups, private citizens and the scientific community so these stakeholders can come to a consensus and take action to insure a sustainable future for county residents. To help celebrate, CCS needs citizens to sign the online Collier Sustainability petition.

“The petition is part of a campaign to protect Florida’s water and natural resources and is largely intended to show community support for the Board of Collier County Commissioners to appoint a Collier County sustainability director who will oversee development in terms of our valuable resources, particularly our water resources,” says CCS President Bonnie Michaels.

“Increasingly, decisions tied to natural resources within the community are so complex that the end result of any resolution to an environmental challenge can affect everyone. This is why we believe that we not only need a director of sustainability, but also for each resident to accept the responsibility for becoming more informed,” advises Michaels.

To sign the petition, visit For more information, email [email protected].

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