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Live Your True Self: Four Tools Guide Us on Our Life Journey

Sep 30, 2014 10:33AM ● By Linda Sechrist

Indira Dyal-Dominguez

Knowing yourself not just as a mind and a body, but as an eternal vibration of the higher self, is the emphasis of a new cultural model described by Indira Dyal-Dominguez in YOU: A Spiritual Being on a Spiritual Journey: A New Paradigm for Living Life.

Although worldview shifts typically occur without a user manual, this paradigm of “spiritual beings on a spiritual journey” does come with a clear explanation of the methods and four tools—Connect, Listen, Trust and Act—Dyal-Dominguez has used to communicate at will with the higher self. These have been developed over 15 years of living from the spirit within while developing and sharing programs that guide others to connect with the true self.

Natural Awakenings spoke with Dyal-Dominguez, who describes one of the most significant aspects of this paradigm’s new reality. “Thousands of individuals who are helping to usher in this new energetic worldview relate to their mind as only one dimension of who they are, not all of who they are,” says the resident of Southwest Florida.

What makes this a new way of thinking?

In our current paradigm, the limited and limiting human mind as the dominant driver shapes our lives, drives our actions and prohibits us from activating our true energetic essence as the self. As a spiritual being on spiritual journey, you open up to a new dimension that is not limited to your physical form.

How do we use your four tools?

Connect. The initiating step of seeing our real self as an eternal energetic force of higher consciousness activates our alignment with the universal vibrational force of all creation. This energy frequency becomes real and available to us.

Listen. By learning to distinguish between the mind’s busyness and intuited messages of our true self, we come to more consistently align our actions with our highest being. As a result, we naturally walk a path of honoring both our highest self and others.

Trust. The inner guidance we discern often defies logic, but we begin to trust that it knows best. The beauty is that because everything is in relationship with everything else, when one piece of our life changes or moves forward, it shifts the entire energy and relationship with everything else, allowing for a new relationship and a new result. Such trust goes deep, activating our inner knowing of who we are; not from the basis of a thought or concept, but as our new reality. We are listening to and heeding our most authentic self.

Act. Be aware that when we honor our higher self, transcending the human mind’s control, the ego will fight for its survival. It may argue for doing something else or not doing it fully or create circumstances that make it tough to act from an authentic place. Now, we can release such mind suggestions and choose what supports our true journey.

A regular practice with these tools helps you develop the ability to distinguish the mind as a useful tool, rather than the director of your life. The reward for connecting to self for answers that are unique to the unfolding of your soul’s journey is a satisfying and fulfilling purpose-driven life that you are here to fulfill.

How has living this way made a difference in your life?

I let the wisdom of the self perceive what occurs in any moment. I listen for this wisdom, which becomes what I trust and act on.

The awareness that my higher self is living its journey through me reshaped the relationship that my husband and I have. For many years, my mind was on a journey of its own, telling me that I couldn’t be who I wanted to be and that my husband was trying to tell me what to do, when in fact he was merely contributing his thoughts. Now, in our conversations I put aside such thoughts and feel the resonance of our loving connection, which is far more real than the words in my mind. I sense a connection to who he is for me and experience his love more directly.

What difference can we expect to see in our lives when living in this new paradigm?

Although much of your current worldview won’t change—you’ll wake up, go to work and do what you need to do to survive in the world—the role that the mind plays will change significantly. You will treat the mind as background chatter. Your higher self will take its rightful place in the foreground and its go-to wisdom will provide answers aligned with your true journey and purpose.

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