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Local Film on Battling Eating Disorders in Production

Members of the community can support the completion of the feature-length documentary Me Against Me, a personal, motivational film about the importance of healthy eating currently in production in Southwest Florida. Tax-deductible contributions help defray production costs and earn access to daily blogs, behind-the-scenes videos and other benefits.

The film takes an in-depth look at obesity, eating disorders and food addiction and the journey of the film’s producer, Jay Bee, to overcome these challenges. Comments from area diet, nutrition and fitness experts, behavior psychologist therapists and practitioners will also be featured. Regular production updates are posted on Facebook and Twitter.

Bee hopes to launch his movie at film festivals next year to “draw local and national attention on how to motivate and help people facing these problems.” Bee claims that his weight has fluctuated by several hundred pounds during the last five years.

For more information, to donate or volunteer, email [email protected].

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