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Kick the Smoking Habit with City Vapor & E-Cig

Jul 01, 2014 10:21AM ● By Linda Sechrist

Brett and Christa Whitaker

When a customer comes to City Vapor & E-Cig in Fort Myers to trade in a longstanding cigarette habit for a smoking alternative known as the e-cigarette, owners Christa Whitaker and her son Brett feel a deep sense of pride. “It feels good knowing that someone wants to improve their health and that we are there to make the difference and offer them a healthier solution,” says Christa.

Although some of the e-vapor products offered are small and slender, similar to a cigarette, most are the size of a large ink pen with sleek colors, and some even have intricate designs. Others are larger and digitally adjustable. No matter the shape, size, color or type, a small reservoir, or tank, is always filled with a special liquid that is absorbed via a coil/wick system and heated with energy from a small battery to turn the liquid into a virtually odorless vapor.

The company recognizes each customer’s individuality and works to match them with the appropriate equipment and level of nicotine. The goal is to help e-cigarette users, called “vapers”, feel satisfied without experiencing the effects of withdrawing from nicotine. For some, the ultimate goal is to wean off nicotine altogether, which is why City Vapor offers different concentrations of nicotine in the liquids, including 18 milligram (mg), 12 mg, 6 mg and zero mg, for those that still enjoy the process of “vaping” as a way to satisfy the hand-to-mouth habit to which they have become accustomed, even when they are no longer nicotine dependent. As they kick the cigarettes, Christa points out, vaping has the potential to save smokers money and future health problems.

City Vapor uniquely offers a signature blend of natural nicotine liquids that do not contain pharmaceutical-grade propylene glycol, which is commonly used as a solvent in oral, topical and injectable drug products, as well as in foods. One bottle of the organic/natural blend e-liquid retails for $9.99.

“We educate our clients so that they know cessation from smoking is possible and easier than people think,” affirms Christa.

Location: 3547 Cleveland Ave., Fort Myers. For more information, call 239-362-3551 or visit

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