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Altered Elements

Apr 30, 2014 09:14AM ● By Linda Sechrist

Lucy Pulling Finch

Lucy Pulling Finch, owner of Altered Elements in her hometown of Naples, has been relating to stones, fossils and crystals for so long that she can’t recall when the enchantment with Mother Nature’s gifts first began. A virtual “Earth whisperer,” Finch is a sensitive empath who adores being human, connecting with all of God’s creations and using her hands to create something new. Her innate talent for deep listening allows her to hear and appreciate the cosmic song that satisfies her soul.

Receptive to Earth and cosmic energies, Finch relishes her world travels and is equally at home in the sky, on land and under the sea. “While I, like other scuba divers, love the sensation of antigravity when under the water, I also am excited to experience the celebrative clinking sound of coquinas interacting with playful sea lions darting toward my mask, as curious about me as I am of them, and drifting like a sea anemone that sways with the currents,” advises Finch.

Consciousness in its many forms talks to Finch through color, vibration, sound and feeling. “Whether I’m camping in northern Canada and waking up to the shrills and shrieks of male loons courting females or watching the Aurora Borealis spread its undulating colors across the night sky, as a human being touched by the moment I’m in, I delight and dance with all that is and know that I’m loved.” 

When Finch holds a rock or crystal, she senses its personified message. “I’m open and receptive, as well as aware of my connection to everything, whether I’m taking in information via my ability to feel frequencies as vibrations or using any of my other senses. To me, the language of everything is part of the cosmic song and dance of Spirit, which is sacred and holy,” she notes.

When a curious individual that feels stressed, conflicted or sad wanders into Altered Elements and enters into dialogue with Finch about a particular piece of jewelry, gem, stone or fossil, her gift for comforting conversation comes alive. “If I sense someone is searching, my words come naturally after I ask Loving Spirit to use me as a healing channel to help them feel more calm and relaxed. They open up and we share stories about our shared journey of being human,” says Finch.

Finch often feels as though her conversations, which are always unique to an individual and their circumstances, open up new worlds. “I often feel as though I’m introducing people to themselves for the first time. Other times I simply take joy in assisting and observing customers as they select jewelry, gems or crystals that they feel supports them in their lives. Not everyone wants to learn the metaphysical side of their selection. Fortunately, I have lots of pretty items in the store that people love to handle and look at. When their eyes light up, so do I,” explains Finch, who closes her retail store for the month of July to teach classes and create jewelry at her studio and to travel, finding new crystal friends to share and love.

Location: 532 Park St., Naples. For more information, call 239-430-0654 or visit

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