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Four Winds Gallery: by Linda Sechrist

Susan Brick, co-owner

For 30 years, Susan and Tim Brick, owners of Four Winds Gallery, on Third Street, in Naples, have been showcasing masterworks of American Indian art, as well as an extensive top-notch jewelry selection. Works by contemporary artists are complemented by traditional and historic pieces including basketry, Plains beadwork, Navajo textiles, Zuni fetish carvings, Pueblo pottery, Northwest coastal art, Seminole dolls, sculpture, paintings and unique tribal items.

When it first opened, the gallery predominantly offered pottery and jewelry crafted by a few artists from Southwest American tribes. “We expanded to include art from other tribal artists as our family took more trips and spent time getting to know the artists and their families, sharing meals and watching them make their jewelry and pottery. The artists were as fascinated with why we wanted to bring their pieces to Florida as we were with them and their art,” says Susan.

The Brick family’s interest flourished as a business in less than four years. “This was a blessing because it gave Tim and me the opportunity to share stories about the artists’ lives and work, as well as about their reverence for the Earth, respect for elders and their spirit of gratitude, all of which is subtly and symbolically integrated into their art. Now that more of our clientele is aware of these things, they ask us about the meaning of colors and symbols that the artists use,” explains Susan.

Over the last several months, the Bricks have acquired numerous collectible pieces of pottery from Maria Martinez, Margaret Tafoya, Lucy Lewis and Blue Corn, as well as Acoma seed pots by the Lewis sisters. Also new are lithographs by R.C. Gorman, limited edition giclées by Howard Terpning and gold jewelry by Donnie Supplee and Vernon Haskie. Appraisals, consignments and private collection purchases are regularly offered.

Location: 340 13th Ave. S., Naples. For more information, call 239-263-7555 or visit

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